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1st Halloween

Too much fun!  But I have to say... now as a mother -- Halloween is so weird! I mean when else is it acceptable to walk up to a stranger's door and ask them to give you a trick or a treat?  Creeps me out just a bit.  Also creeps me out to have people come up to my door and peer into my house.  Maybe it is just because of my neighborhood? (It's what you could call, "up & coming" to put it nicely.) Haha. I mean I loved it as a kid and i'm sure i'll chill out by the time M is really ready to enjoy the festivities -- we'll see.  This year we had so much fun with our friends/neighbors/coworkers & their super cute little Elmo! Pizza + candy + cute kids + sweet friends = the best!



  1. look at Ms little bow!! so cuteeeee.

  2. hahah she's sooo cute! And I love the little Elmo costume too :)

  3. How precious.

  4. So sweet! She is adorable!

    Yeah, Halloween is a little creepy that way haha.

  5. soooo cute! now as a mother, there would be constumes, and treats and candies for you to think of. ehheheh

  6. so cute! i think it's creepy when teenagers knock and peer to ask for candy. when little kids do it, I'm more than happy to dump out the candy bowl!

  7. Love the pumpkin butt! And yes, SO WEIRD! I got a little weirded out "trick-or-treating" (with my one year old) last night...even if it was just to the next-door neighbors'.

  8. This is so cute! And I'd never thought about that before!

  9. Oh but it will be so fun when she is just a year or two older...getting all excited to get that candy from creepy strangers! :) :)


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