Monkey See Monkey Do

I've been Pin-Crazy lately!  Especially with my "To Do (one day...)" board.  SO many ideas out there that I have the desire to tackle, but for the most part lack the time and/or initiative to do.  However, this one was uber easy!

2 Ingredient Pumpkin Bread/Cake!... Yes, that is right just TWO!  Monkey see, monkey do! -- it is that easy.  Mix together one can of Pumpkin Puree (not pie filling, puree!) and a box of yellow cake mix.

{2 ingredient pumpkin cake with walnut/oatmeal crumble}

When you click on the pinterest picture it will take you to some directions that say to cook for about 25 minutes.  I made two separate ones this past weekend and both took at least 40 minutes (cooked in metal standard bread pan).

I also choose to add some nutmeg, allspice, and cinnamon into the mix to give it more of a pie flavor.  Instead of making the suggested apple cider glaze, I made a walnut/oatmeal crumble.  For the crumble just mix together handful each of brown sugar, crushed walnut, and oatmeal, and half a stick of butter.  I mashed it all together with my hands before crumbling on top of the pumpkin/cake mix.

This is a super moist cake.  If you are using the "toothpick method" to check if it is done, just know that it will always come out wet -- it just shouldn't come out with tiny chunks on it.

{pumpkin cake a la mode}

I'm excited to try other variations on this cake.  Someone left me a comment on pinterest that it is also good with a spice cake mix instead of yellow.  I like to call this bread... so i don't feel bad that we've been eating it for breakfast. But this weekend, I called it cake when I put a candle in it and ate it with vanilla bean ice cream for Pappy's bday. It's a very versatile baked good!

{birthday pappy & his little M monster}

Easy peasy to make... tastes and looks impressive so people think you are a great baker... enjoyed by all!  Thank you Pinterest!


  1. Oh delicious! Wow- 2 ingredients? I love what you've added... makes it all cozy for Fall.

  2. Ok, that cake sounds absolutely fantastic. I have to try this now!

  3. I love recipes on pinterest and that sounds so simple!

    There's nothing like making an easy recipe and have it look like you slaved over it. ;)

    Emily w/Amazing Grapes

  4. Thank you, Pinterest it! This looks oh so yummy and your little one is adorable! Happy Birthday to Pappy too!

    Liesl :)

  5. I'm loving pinterest too ... and this looks amazing and yummy!

  6. this recipe is perfect for me! thanks for posting, blair! :) i'm headed to the grocery store!!


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