Dear Jimmy Fallon,

Remember me?  Magnolia?

That's me under the purple shirt in my mommy's belly!

My Daddy danced on your show...

{he's the super cute dude in the middle who dances with the ladies!}

Mommy & Daddy came to see you on their babymoon.  Their first trip to NYC & they were so excited to see you.

Mommy got you to sign a onesie for me as you ran through the audience.  I love it!  It's my favorite thing to wear!! I mean it!  I've never even pooped or thrown up on it!

Anywhoo, I miss you!  I see the capitol one commercial with another baby in it and I get rather jealous.  I think you should invite me back to be a guest on your show.  I'm a really good snuggler and I'll laugh at all your jokes!  Mom took away my iphone last week, so if you want to meet me (I hope you do!), you'll have to email my momma!

I mean look how cute I am...

How could you resist me?

Love you Uncle Jimmy!!!

(11 Weeks old!)

Dear readers of mommy's blog,
Please tweet this to help me make sure Uncle Jimmy gets my letter! Goo goo ga ga thank you!

@jimmyfallon baby Magnolia thinks you're the best & misses you like crazy! @blairita @latenightjimmy


  1. LOL!! I love this! She is just beyond precious. I mean, who wouldn't want to meet her?!

  2. He should totally make a Magnolia segment! That would be awesome!

  3. OMG!!! ADORABLE!!!!!! BTW...I still love that video of your hubs dancing! THE BEST. And that last picture of Magnolia...PRECIOUS! <3

  4. That is AWESOME. Magnolia needs to be on his show is what needs to happen.

  5. Haha this is so great!!!!! What a great memory. That would be SO AWESOME if you got on the show!

    - Sarah

  6. Oh my goodness! that is so so so cute! :D
    What an amazing story to tell! Keep that onesie forever and I will TOTALLY tweet this! :D

  7. sooo cute!!! i totally retweeted it for you!

  8. Hilarious. Oh, I do hope you guys hear from Jimmy! He's one of my favs, too. A friend of mine was picked out of his audience to be on the show last year.


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