You know who you look like?...

Wait, let me guess...

either the mom or daughter from gilmore girls?

or... katty perry?

or... the "young victoria girl" or a "younger version of courtney cox?"

or... you know, "that girl from Beautiful Mind"?

or... the "House/Tron girl?" or "you know, that girl from james bond who dies in the water?"

or... Zooey Deshenel?

Yea... I get that a LOT!

now, here's a random spattering of photos of me from the past few years:

dark hair? check.
light eyes? check.
pale skin? check.

other than complexion, not seeing it people.  but hey, those are some beautiful women, so i'll take a compliment when i can get one!

what about you? who are your celebrity "look a likes?"


  1. Yep. You totally look like them! Gorg. I used to get Rachel Cook ALL THE TIME. You know, the girl from She's All That with Freddie Prinze (or Prince?!), Jr.? Whatever happened to them?

  2. DEF see that!!! All are compliments because those women are beautiful. I think you look the most like Rory (the daughter) from Gilmore Girls!

  3. You are beautiful, and should add Kate Middleton to your list! :)

  4. Regardless, your complexion is GORG! My aunts + uncles used to call me Julia, referencing that they thought I looked like Julia Roberts. I'm still not seeing it after 10+ years of having the nickname. :) Xo, Katie

  5. wow, you really do look like a lot of them!! light eyes with dark hair is so pretty!

    i have been told a couple of times that i look like sandra bullock... i think we have the same color of hair & that's it. ha! weird. :)

  6. You are so beautiful! I mean, yes you do have the epitome of a beautiful face and gorgeous everything and you totally look like you belong in a magazine. But at the same time you are so uniquely beautiful I bet David thanks his lucky stars everyday.

  7. I definitely see so many of your celebrity look alikes! I have heard I pass for Rashida Jones... I don't see it, but I'll take it!

  8. Yep, I can see you in pretty much all of them. haha But I'm with you, they're gorgeous, so I wouldn't disagree. haha

    I would get Blossom all the time when I was growing up. =/

    Emily w/Amazing Grapes

  9. I totally think Rory is a pretty close match!! You are one gorgeous momma!

  10. I definitely see Zooey Deschenel in you!

  11. Yes, all of these women are BEAUTIFUL, especially the woman in the last few photos (you)!!

    I'm constantly told that I look like Leighton Meester, aka "Blair Waldorf" from Gossip Girl... and like you said, I'll take the compliment - she's beautiful!

  12. I see it, I believe it!!!! I would take anyone of those in a heart beat. Great and gorgeous company, no doubt. You are just the cutest!!!! For me? I've heard....Eva La Rue. And Rachel Bilson. Like I said above....I'll take it!!!! AND RUN....hahahahaha.

  13. You totally look like them! Wow. I've gotten more of these too now that I dyed my hair brown. I guess it's not such a bad thing!

  14. I say the "young Victoria girl". They're beautiful, and so are you! I've gotten Jamie Lynn Presley a few times and it's a big annoying. One time when I was working at J.Crew there was this older man at the checkout and he literally wouldn't leave until I said "thank you very much" like Elvis, because he swore I looked exactly like her. So odd.

  15. I don't think you look like any of them except for Zooey Deshenel you are a dead ringer for a look a like for her!!! :)

  16. hahahaha you totally look like zooey!!! :D and yes, they are all beautiful as are you!!

  17. You are GORGEOUS! As are all the women above. Um, I used to get Neve Campbell in the early 00's, and more recently (when people are under the influence) Rachel Bilson ...sometimes Wonder Woman. I think people just run with the dark-hair thing ;)

  18. I've gotten Naomi, Tyra and Beyonce...

    All of whom don't necessarily look like one another.
    All of whom are black.
    All of whom are gorgeous...
    All of whom I do not look like.

    Ha ha...

    But as you put so eloquently.
    I look nothing like any of them.



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