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New hair New earrings

I'm on a two year cycle for bangs... every two years in the fall i chop me some bangs.  Well, bang time has rolled around again!  Although I love bangs, it always takes a few days of adjustment until I'm "happy" with them.  Are y'all like that with haircuts?

And what goes great with new hair cuts? new earrings!  I was so excited when Anjolee Jewelry contacted me to do review some diamond earrings (yes, i said diamonds!).  Hello, um, Yes!  I've been secretly planning (and yes, maybe dropping a few hints) that one day -- perhaps a 10 or 15 year anniversary -- I would want some diamond stud earrings to match my engagement ring.  Well, Anjolee stepped in while I'm waiting and asked me to pick out something from their online shop.  They make things pretty easy -- you pick the diamond studs carrot, weight, clarity, shape, and metal setting.  I was able to create earrings to match my ring with just a couple clicks.  So fun... and so bling bling pretty!  Getting beautiful earrings in the mail is super exciting, especially when they come in a fancy wooden anjolee box.  love. love. LOVE.

{p.s. you guessed it, but duh - diamonds are never free.  i reviewed a some cz studs set in white gold}


  1. I'm the same way with haircuts. Usually around week two I'm in love with my hair...but until then I question why I decided to cut it.

    Love the hair and the earrings!!

    Kristen@Turning a House into a Home

  2. Lovin' the bangs on you I do the same thing I am waiting for the end of the month for a new do and I'm thinking Zooey Dechanel style bangs.

  3. LOVE the bangs! You look so pretty :)

  4. I do love your new hairdo! So very cute!

    Yay for free earrings! I love that you wanted to match your wedding ring. Very sweet.

  5. me likey likey! You look amazing with bangs, I love it :) xo

  6. CUTE!! i love em on you! i just got bangs the other week :D

  7. I'm definitely the same way with haircuts. I've always wanted bangs like that but have never been brave enough to try it out. I am hair-challenged too so I'm always afraid I won't be able to make them look right myself. They look very cute on you!

  8. I'm the exact way with a major change to my hair. bangs, I go back and forth with getting but always settle with not. I love how thick yours are. So cute!!

    What a treat to review their earrings, albeit the non real kind. haha

    Emily w/Amazing Grapes

  9. you are so pretty with your light hair and dark eyes! And I am a fan of pearls myself. They're so beautiful and round.. Perfectly round. *sigh*...

    Glad you got to review a product. where is the link to the sight though? I can't find it.

    Loving your blog girl.


  10. Wow. You look TOTALLY different with bangs! Beautiful with or without! I wish my bangs looked more like yours...I may just have to pull up your blog next time I get my hair cut :)

  11. LOVE your new hair and what fun on getting to do a diamond review! Love your hint for a 10 or 15 year wedding anniversary gift and think that sounds lovely!

    Liesl :)

  12. P.S. Love how real cz can look! :)

  13. How fun! My cycle is similar except I think I"m going to do the side swipe this Fall instead of my cropped bangs. It's such a cute look on you!

    - Sarha

  14. The bangs look AMAZING Blair :) Love em!! xo

  15. real diamonds or not they still look amazing and so do your bangs!


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