Love to Zaria

In sharp and painful contrast to the joy I feel snuggling my sweet new baby girl, I feel I have heard so many stories of loss.  From a best friend here in town miscarrying, friends of friends with early pregnancy complications, to little Zaria, whose family are complete strangers, in the picture above -- there are hurting families out there and my heart breaks.  

Little Zaria entered the world at only 21 weeks.  Her twin sister Abigail was stillborn.  After surviving the NICU for a month, sweet Zaria passed away this past Sunday.  Though her life was short, her impression on the world was larger than could ever be measured.  You can read more of Zaria & her family's story here.

Suzanne at pretty*swell blog is coordinating a giveaway/fundraiser for Zaria's family hoping to keep the financial burden of the situation from compounding the overwhelming grief.  Sponsors of the giveaway include Petunia Pickle Bottom, Modern Nursery, North American Bear Company, Scandinavian Child, and many many more shops & companies offering great prizes.  A minimum $5 donation will get you entered.  But more than entering to win a prize, you are sending encouragement and love -- letting this family know they are not alone.  

Though we don't know this family, chances are that we know someone in a similar situation.  Donate in honor of them.  And don't stop with your donations -- even more powerful, send your prayers.



  1. My heart goes out to that family and to all those who have lost a child. I can't imagine losing two and the long journey they had before the loss. Breaks my heart.

  2. Absolutely sending prayers....devestating!!!!!

  3. heartbreaking. utterly.

    love and prayers to zaria and her family indeed.

  4. Thank you so much for this beautiful post and for all of your support. From the bottom of my heart!


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