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Love, Daddy

Magnolia, my darling child. I love you so much. I love your eyelashes. I love your little nose and ears. I love how your fingers search for things to grab and end up in my hair or the collar of my shirt. I love how you are determined to sit up straight and hold your head up on your own (you've gotten quite good at it!). You make me cry and laugh all the time, sometimes both at once. You are such a blessing in my life--a living, growing, maturing testament to the grace and provision of our King and Savior.

So glad you joined us two months ago.



  1. So sweet, I love this! What a lucky little lady she is. Xo, Katie

  2. i'm always touched by affection that a daddy shows to his child. magnolia is one lucky baby in the do you miss blair....

  3. Super sweetness. Nothing like a daddy and his girl. Love this....

  4. Aw, you got me at the end with it being from him. Such a sweet letter to his little girl.

    Emily w/Amazing Grapes

  5. Such sweet baby love! Happy 2 months! xoxo

  6. How sweet! Happy 2 months, Magnolia!

  7. Adorable and I love the comment about her eyelashes...super cute, and oh how I wish I had some lovely ones too! A super sweet note from daddy all it!

    Liesl :)

  8. Aww such a sweet little baby! She is so precious! I love the owl too! :) -Lo


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