I Remember 9.11.01 {Link Up}

10 years ago I was a senior in high school.  i had just walked into the senior wing and was on my way to my locker.  everyone was really quiet and several people were going into Dr. Roop's room, but it wasn't time for class yet and I knew the people going in weren't in advanced physics (neither was I!)... not wanting to miss anything, I followed the crowd and looked up to see smoke billowing out of the first tower.  It did not sink in at all.  Someone said it was a terrorist.  Someone else said that someone had "just started a war."  The first thing out of my mouth (i'm embarrassed to admit this) was "you're going to get drafted," to my friend Brad.  

After that things get blurry.  I remember there were intercom announcements.   I know there was really no work done that day.  Every room that had a tv... it was on.  Tears came in waves as reality set in for different people.  My full reaction came a shortly after the 2nd tower was hit.  My mom worked at my school and as the weight of what had just happened set in I stood up and walked out of class.  I don't think I even said anything to my teacher, and in light of things - she didn't care.  I started walking towards my mom's room.  Somehow she knew at that exact moment that I needed her and we ended up meeting in the hallway halfway between our rooms.  Mom put out her arms and said, "I know," and I just melted in tears. My heart was breaking in a way that almost felt like panic -- how were the families going to make it through this nightmare?  How would I fit into their recovery - could I?  I wanted to help, but felt completely helpless.

I remember hearing all the rumors of students who had parents in NYC for business.  They all got excused for the day.  We had a home soccer game scheduled that afternoon.  Our coaches teetered on canceling it, but in the end we decided we wouldn't let the attacks stop us from living life, not even for a moment. Before the game started we met in the middle of the field with the other team and I lead us all in prayer.  

We had a home football game that Friday.  We all traded in our school colors for red, white, and blue and our Maryville Rebels flags for American flags.  I was overwhelmed with a sense of community and patriotism. 

I can't remember when the national memorial service was held.  But I remember watching it during year book.  I remember sobbing.  Right there, in the middle of everyone, I just had to cry.  The images that continue to haunt me are the ones of the ash covered people -- distraught and terrified, seemingly lost in the streets of New York.  Sometimes remembering that day can still bring tears to my eyes.

David and I visited ground zero this past March when we were in NYC for our babymoon.  So crazy that 10 years have passed -- how many things have changed.

I don't have anything incredibly insightful or inspiring to share, I just wanted to take today to remember.

What are your memories/reflections?  Where were you?  How old were you?  Did you know anyone?
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  1. I was planning on a post for Sunday, so, as soon as I do I shall link it here...love this idea and having people talk about their experiences since it is something we will never forget and remembering is a good thing! Thank you for sharing!

    Liesl :)

  2. This is the best link up on the blogosphere. Thank you for doing this. I can't stop the chills.

  3. Thanks for doing this - I think it will be neat to see & share everyone's experiences. I'll link up when I get mine up.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend with your lovely little girl :o)

  4. Thanks for hosting this link up...I think it is going to be a healing experience for people to read through these memories and thoughts.

  5. Thanks for sharing. How awesome that you lead everyone in prayer.

    Here's my account:



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