Wiggles Wiggles Wiggles

It's been a long time... but wiggles are back! And I tell you what -- i've learned a whole new definition of the wiggles since July 19th!  This little girl grows more wiggly every day.  I seriously cannot believe she is 6 weeks old already & gosh what a difference six weeks makes -- how different we both are!  I feel like a completely different person than I did six weeks ago.  I have so much more confidence, patience, and peace -- God has truly had his hand on me.  I cannot even begin to explain how motherhood has already affected my life.  What a blessing!  Once I find the words, I'll make sure to share with you.

In between nap time, eating time, play time, and cuddle time, I've had a lot of fun catching up in the blogging world.  I've missed a lot -- new shops, new pregnancies, new houses, new jobs -- y'all have been busy busy bees!  I've also discovered (of course) lots of lovely new (to me) blogs that I know you will love...

...Wednesday Wiggles...
{check out these lovely new finds}

...you've been wiggled...

...new music...
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{If you've been wiggled today or in the past, head to the wiggle page, pick up your badge, and check out the other blogs and music on the list... and as always, I want to hear from YOU leave me a comment with your blog and music suggestions!}



  1. Thanks for "wiggling" me, Blair! Your little lady is so sweet...she looks like a snuggler! And I LOVE Joe Purdy...isn't he so great? Have a wonderful Tuesday! Xo, Katie

  2. Oh yay I've been Wiggled! Thanks lady! And now I know about you and can read about your little adorable bundle!! I love it.

    As far as music suggestions...one of my favs is Patty Griffin. Start with Heavenly Day. It's a good one :)

  3. Yay for wiggles!

    Magnolia is so beautiful! Love her eyes!

  4. You're the sweetest!! I love it.

    Love your blog and magnolia is a beauty!! Enjoy these precious days!!

  5. Wow! Thanks so much for wiggling my blog, I'm so flattered! You are too stinkin' cute. And your little one...such perfection! xoxo


  6. Yay for Magnolia and Yay for Wiggles!!! :)

    Liesl :)

  7. Oh, can it get any cuter? M is so beautiful!! xo

  8. Thanks for the wiggle! :) What a sweet little snuggler you have there!


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