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Organized is not generally a word used to describe me.  But I am organized in my own little way that works for me.  I do think there is a difference between organized and clean right?  I might be messy -- but I usually know where to find things (even if they are under a pile of other things).

Last week David prepared our lunch.  When he brought it to me, it looked like this:

taken on iphone

Last night I ran across the blog, Things Organized Neatly.  Look familiar?...
What about you?  Are you "organized neatly?"  Or are you like me and have what I like to call "functional piles?"  Are you and your husband/boyfriend/best friend/roommate alike or opposites? If so, how do you deal?



  1. is organised chaos considered as organise ? hehehhe.... cos i am one.

  2. That is hilarious David put out your lunch like that!
    I am so far from organized. So so far...

  3. we are about 90/10 when it comes to organization. My husband and I like to be organized. But living in the city with limited space 10% doesn't seem to be organized

  4. I'm quite organized and actually so is my boyfriend. Its nice to have 2 clean organized people in the same space (when we're in the same space, that is. ha)

    But I like things neat and orderly.

    Emily w/Amazing Grapes

  5. love love love this tumblr. i wish my life was like this but alas, it is not.

    organization is a pipe dream in my life!!!

  6. Definitely a neat freak over here, but my hubby likes the "functional pile" method for organization. My house would be a lot more tidy if it was just me, but it's all about give and take, right?

  7. We have mess,but it's organised...if that makes sense?

    love this post! AND so cute the lunch your hubbie brought you.


  8. I love all this order! Symmetry makes me hayy :)


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