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Hi Wild and Precious readers! I'm Ashley, a photographer from California who is currently living in Germany and I share my adventures, photography and inspiration on my blog Chasing Heartbeats. My adopted home here in Germany is the Schwarzwald region, or Black Forest, in the South-West corner of the country, bordering both France and Switzerland. Living so close to the border is a dream, we enjoy the best of both worlds. We are also perfectly located for travel around Europe. My move from San Francisco to a small city here in the Black Forest was definitely a bit of a shock at first, but I have come to love the beautiful scenery we are surrounded by, and think the Black Forest is one of the most picturesque areas of Germany. The setting of the Grimm Brothers fairy tales, the Black Forest is also known for its world class hiking and Schwarzwald Kirschtorte, or Black Forest cake. I thought I would share a mini-travel guide of my German home with you :)

Baden Baden- The wealthiest city in German also has some of the best thermal baths in the country. The Caracalla Therme is known for its therapeutic waters which flow from the mountains and is the perfect way to melt away any travel stress. Friedrichsbad, the other thermal bath in the city, is only for those who are comfortable in the buff, as the 16 different baths are enjoyed without a swimsuit, although men and women are separated in all but one of the pools (which you could easily skip). A trip to at least one of the baths should not be missed on a trip to the region.

Freiburg- The sunniest and warmest city in Germany, with more bikes than residents, Freiburg is also the "greenest" city in the country. A picturesque "alt Stadt" or old city is the perfect place to stroll aimlessly through the cobblestone streets, which are filled with charming boutiques and restaurants. The soccer team, SC Freiburg, plays in a stadium which has a stunning backdrop of the forest which surrounds the city. Schauinsland is a nearby mountain which has some of the best hiking around, and for the not-as-athletically inclined, a gondola connects to the top for unforgettable views.

Triberg- This tiny town is known for having the longest waterfall in Germany is also world famous for it's cuckoo clocks, and not surprisingly is home to the world's largest cuckoo clock. Black Forest cake originated here, but you should be warned it is heavy on the schnapps and cream, but delicious nevertheless.

Strasbourg/Straßburg- Technically no longer in Germany, but the French city was bounced back between and France and German rule for centuries giving Strasbourg a unique flair. A small and beautiful city encircled by a river, definitely bring your walking shoes and explore the narrow streets on foot. Over the holidays, Strasbourg has the largest Christmas Market in the world outside of Germany and claims to be the capital of Christmas. It is impossible not to get in the holiday spirit strolling the streets in December, drinking mulled wine or cider to stay warm and eating regional treats at one of the stands scattered through the city streets. Make sure to try "Tarte Flambée" or "Flammkuchen", a thin crust pizza with a cream sauce and traditionally topped with onions, bacon and cheese, trust me, it is amazing.

I hope you enjoyed my mini-tour of my adopted home in Germany. Thank you again Blair for inviting me to guest post here on Wild and Precious and Congratulations on the new arrival!



  1. This post makes me so homesick! I spent my high school years at Black Forest Academy (do you know it?). I really miss it! :)

  2. All of those places sound so great. Always wanted to go to Germany. Thanks for the mini tour!!

  3. beautiful pictures! i am adding the Black Forest to my European tour wish list. =)

  4. Wow! These are such gorgeous photos! and I've never visited Ashley's blog, I'm so glad to have been introduced to it now! :o)

  5. Beautiful, just beautiful! Lovely guest post!

    Liesl :)

  6. freiburg, triberg and strasbourg are some of my fav german cities. love these photos.

  7. thanks for the kind words, and thank you blair for having me!


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