Plaid Peggy

I am a bit behind the times... but, I am officially on the Mad Men band wagon.  I don't have cable, but I have discovered netflix on my iPhone... and Mad Men has officially become my "feeding time show of choice."  It is so addicting!  I started watching maybe 2 weeks ago and I have already watched 30 episodes!!  I am just blown away by the artistic style of every single shot -- everything just seems so authentic.  The fashion... ridiculously fascinating!

Take Peggy for instance this girl LOVES some plaid!...

Want to dress like Peggy...



{Dear Golden Vintage}

{Shabby Apple}

Do you watch Mad Men?  What shows are you addicted to?
Any of you momma's out there have/had a crazy show or addiction when breastfeeding?



  1. I just started 2 weeks ago, finished season 1 and on #2. Netflix, thank you.

    Other shows I've liked: Lost, Friday Night Lights, Prison Break, Brothers and Sisters, Weeds, to name a few

  2. i have actually never seen that show... but i love the vintage style! the mod cloth plaid dresses are so pretty! :)

  3. I've heard the show is awesome...I'm afraid that if I start I'll get addicted too. I just might watch it simply because of their wardrobes!

  4. I've only watched a few episodes, but they are so dark to me! I like fun tv shows where I can laugh. I guess I just like to laugh. But, man, nothing beats Mad Men fashion.

  5. I just hopped on the bandwagon a few weeks ago myself...I LOVE the costuming, it's ridiculously amazing! These plaid dresses are lovely...I've taken to wearing a lot of tweed shift dresses and shirtdress styles lately, totally inspired by Mad Men! :) XO, Katie

  6. Hubby got me hooked on Mad Men and I say the same thing about the fashion! I love 40's-60's style!!!

    We're currently into the HBO show Big Love, also through netflix. It's about a polygamist family and I'm fascinated. While HBO can be a little risque at times, this show is pretty mild in that category.

  7. Love it also and I'm trying to catch up also its addicting isn't it! love the fashion for the home and clothes but then theres Don....

  8. I plowed through Mad Men while breast feeding too!! And quickly moved to Friday Night Lights - also on Netflix!!

    Can't recommend highly enough but you have to start from beginning

  9. I started watching Mad Men this past winter and finished all four current seasons by the beginning of summer - this with Netflix DVDs one at a time, before the show was streaming. Can't get enough! It's one of the best shows out there. Right now I'm addicted to Drop Dead Diva, kind of like Ally McBeal without the self-pity, and with a far better message.

  10. i was late to the show, too but i love love love it!

    just found your blog this afternoon... love it, too!


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