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I'm so glad to be writing this as Blair and David are spending precious time with new baby Magnolia. Blair has been my friend since my middle school days in Maryville, Tennessee, and I'm so excited she's starting this new chapter in her life! 

I'm flattered that Blair asked me to be a guest poster as she's navigating new mommy waters. Compared to Ms. Award Winning Blogger here, I'm quite the novice! It's certainly been helpful having a seasoned blogger friend as I'm still getting my feet wet with my blog A Dose of the Delightful. I hope you'll stop by and take a look at my thoughts on design, decor, DIY projects, style, and treating the only Earth we have with respect. (And if you like what you see, I hope you continue to visit!)

Though I spent most of my teenage years in Tennessee, I have to admit I'm a Florida girl at heart. Once summer's here, I always wish it would never end! It's my absolute favorite season, even during sweltering heat waves. What better way to enjoy summer than with a picnic that's perfect in every way?
1. J. Crew Vintage Schoolboy Shirt: Unfortunately, this shirt was so popular it's no longer available! I love how subtle this gingham is.
2. 40s Style High Waisted Shorts: Bless Etsy. I enjoy supporting independent shops when possible - how often do we have the luxury of handsewn, quality clothing anymore?
3. Daniblack Olsa Platform Sandal: The faux suede is made of recycled plastic bottles, and the raffia sole is renewable.
4. Tiffin Tin: This traditional carrier for lunches or snacks originated in British India. I love that this stainless steel version can be used over and over again without worrying about wear and tear or leaching plastic.
5. Ikea Tekla Towel: At 79 cents (there are still things that only cost cents!) per towel, I buy these in bulk and use them as napkins and dish towels, then cleaning rags once they're dingy.
6. Reusable Sandwich Wrap: Cheaper, less wasteful, and easier to store than plastic baggies! And I can't resist old-fashioned gingham print.
7. Recycled Canvas Picnic Tarpaulin: Beat it up, spill on it, lay it over sand or dirt - it's made of vintage army canvas, so it's already seen a lot of action.
8. Belvoir Organic Lemonade: It's the perfect sweet, refreshing summer treat. Add a splash of champagne or vodka if you're feeling festive - that gorgeous package design deserves to be celebrated!
9. John Lewis Picnic Hamper: The classic picnic basket.
10. Tivoli Portable Songbook: I don't know about you, but I consider good music an essential part of doing summer right!
11 & 12. Bambu Veneerware: These are much prettier & more durable than paper plates, plus they're certified organic and biodegradable/compostable.
13. Candle Lantern: When summer sun starts to fade into dusk, you can light these recycled glass lanterns and hang them from nearby branches or place them on the picnic mat.

Hope I've gotten Wild & Precious readers in the mood for some outdoor fun! When you're jonesing for another dose of delightfulness, please come visit me again.



  1. ahhh i could go for a picnic right about now... esp. since the weather is starting to get cooler!!

  2. ADORE picnics and these picnic picks ;) And those shorts are too cute.

  3. I've NEVER been on a picnic. But now I want to! :)

  4. You've just inspired me to hit the beach for a picnic! Thanks! I really like your blog :)

  5. Thanks, guys! I hope you enjoy the weekend ahead!


  6. i want to go to your picnic. pretty please? i will bring along some watermelon-feta-basil salad if you let me wear that outfit!


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