New Mommy - What I've learned so far... {2 weeks}

Some things I've learned so far {in no particular order}...

1. not all diapers/wipes are created equal -- Pampers, YES,... Huggies, No!
{reminds me of this SNL skit}
2.  everything about babies is cute when they are your own, including their full diapers
3.  The Milkie is a new mommy must have!
4.  if you just had a baby, it is the most appropriate time to take baby steps... ease into things, don't put too high of expectations on yourself.  For example -- I wanted to "do something" in the first week home but wasn't ready to leave Magnolia yet... so the three of us drove to target and Dad & M stayed in the air conditioned car while mom browsed and shopped for an hour.  Might sound a bit ridiculous, but it was SO lovely. (don't I have the best hubs!)
5. if you are an extrovert, make it a priority to get some regular people time to fill up your energy wells,... even if it is just the pharmacist for 5 minutes at the drug store down the street.  plan it with your spouse and make it happen.
6. if you are an introvert (not me, but hubby), it is okay to have some alone time! plan it with your spouse and make it happen.
7.  breast feeding takes lots of coordination and dexterity.  i was a bit caught of guard by this.  
8.  reading twitter at 3 in the morning while you are feeding your baby is quite entertaining! why are you awake people!!??
9.  having an iphone is great -- there are lots of great apps to help you keep up with breast feeding, diaper changes, etc.  
10.  it is sad when  you have to put a really cute outfit that your cute little baby has only worn once or twice in the "doesn't fit anymore" bag and realizing that you will do this for years to come...
11.  my "old normal" is gone forever and that takes some getting used to, but that is okay
12.  just because you aren't pregnant anymore, doesn't mean you can't blame things on hormones
13.  after having your first baby, you need your mom for your own sake more than for your baby's
14. just when you thought you couldn't love your hubby more, you see him with your little one, and you realize you've only just begun to scratch the surface of how much you love him.
15.  reading mommy blogs isn't the best thing to do quite yet, you will inevitably compare yourself and begin to worry you aren't "doing it right."  Hold off on reading them... there is plenty of time for that later.  Remember that you and your baby are incomparable!
16.  Being a mom does not put you in control of your life or anyone else's, God is still very much in charge no matter how much you feel you should fight it (praise Him for that!)


p.s. I hope you are enjoying my lovely guest posters! so thankful for their help! more to come over the next week or so & i'll continue to pop in from time to time too!


  1. What an amazing experience....I can only imagine :)

  2. She is so beautiful! Wow! Look at that face!

    Thanks for these tips- very helpful indeed. Glad you got a chance to get out.

  3. Great tips :) Especially God... we usually get gentle reminders that we're not the ones in control. Or some that will smack ya in the face if you forget!

  4. Love your confessions/lessons-learned list.

  5. What a great post, Blair! I love your honesty. It sounds like such an experience full of love and lessons learned.

    What a great photo, look at those eyes!

  6. Congrats, Blair!!!! She is absolutely beautiful! :)

  7. #15 and #16 YES!!!! :) Great list! So glad you are enjoying your first weeks as a mama! :)

  8. I couldn't agree more about not reading mommy blogs yet! My son is 3 now and I spent the first 6 months of his life constantly comparing myself to other moms online & feeling like I was doing EVERYTHING wrong. Ugh, mommy guilt. Anyway, I stopped that crap & now I just roll my eyes at a lot of those moms. haha. I'm doing great dammit!

    This was a really good list! You sound like you've figured out a lot more in 2 weeks than I did! haha

  9. Blair bear, keep up the great work! Great advice - sounds like you've already grown wiser :)

  10. Wow this was a great thing to read! And your daughter is absolutely beautiful!!!! I am so glad you are happy and healthy, and enjoying being a new mom! God bless!

  11. i couldnt agree more!!! i love this post! yes pampers is way better then huggies for sure! i love amazon mom!

  12. Love that you are keeping track of what you are learning along the wonderful to look back on! Your little one is just darling!

    Liesl :)

  13. What great tips! And so insightful with giving him time alone while you need a moment out..even w/the pharmacist.

    I hope you and your hubby are soaking up every minute of the day with your cutie!

  14. #1 this may change with time. For example at size 3, my little one fit Huggies better than sizes 1 and 2 (so they didn't leak), so she got to wear those adorable denim ones! And now that she's potty training, Huggies makes better TRAINING underpants, Pampers makes better sleeping underpants. I've blogged on both... :)

    #8 LOL, I'll have to remember that for the next little one! Hooray, something to do when nursing at 3am! We just left the fish tank light on, it gave light and amusement both. :)

    You're doing great. Hang in there. As soon as your baby smiles at you and you know it's not gas... you'll start feeling more comfortable in your Mommy shoes. Just remember one thing through it all: YOU are Magnolia's Mommy, and only YOU can decide what that means for the two of you.


  15. i demand more baby pics! she is sooooo beautiful and cute!!!! those are great tips too; I am terrified to have a baby, even though I know it's still a few years off!

  16. I love what you wrote. so all very true! Bles your motherhood!


  17. You nailed it! And you came up with stuff that I wish someone would have told ME in the beginning (i.e. the making sure you get out, part). D is awesome for sitting in the car for an hour so you could SHOP. That would have made me deliriously happy! I have been told this is the time to Mobi wrap the baby and go see a movie, too. :) Let us know if that works for you. You guys are precious. God bless you three.

  18. Love this post! All of these things are good to know! I'll be giving birth within the next month or so, and I appreciate this insight... and the milkie tip! =)

  19. Love it! Sounds like you are an amazing mommy! Breast feeding gets better!! You can do it, it is so worth the perseverance! She is beautiful!

  20. oh, middle of the night on the computer saved my sanity!

  21. these are some great tips since i'm about to follow in your footsteps!! :)

  22. this is the cutest post ever!



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