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Dear Wild and Precious readers,

I am happy I can be here in place of Blair while she takes good care of baby Magnolia.

My name is Ana Degenaar and I write a blog called Live and Enliven alongside with my sidekick (3-year-old) daughter, Emma-Pearl. We have a fixation on pretty things - whatever form they come in. It is well known among my readers that I have a slight obsession with browsing through rentals on the web - that is probably because I have the heart of a globetrotter. I have lived in 3 different Countries in the past 5 years - so looking at inspiring images like this just itches my itchy feet.

We are currently living in Brazil and our taste in decor is mostly mid-century but I have been longing for place like this. A Wonderful twenties villa at Stone Lake (Switzerland) built in 1924 and renovated to create this magical space.

What do you think?


  1. I could definitely live in a place like that!

  2. Absolutely adore these interiors! Clean, fresh, airy - <3

  3. Absolutely adore these interiors! Clean, fresh, airy - <3

  4. So much inspiration in this house!! Wonderful :)

  5. What a cute little place. I love reading mom blogs and will definitely follow ;)

  6. Oh, I want to crawl inside those pictures like Lucy, Edmund and Eustace in Dawn Treader. Gorgeous!


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