Fallen for the Turban :: Guest Post, Reverie

A lovely hello to Blair’s devoted Wild & Precious readers ~ I’m Melissa {aka Simple Mel} of Reverie. It is a complete honor to be here guest posting for the new mama because it wasn’t all too long ago that I welcomed my little crumb into the world. Bliss from the moment her big blue eyes locked on mine, and my life has reached new heights of glory ever since. I cannot count the numerous ways I have changed since I became me + her. Among the changes and evolution, I’ve noticed my desire to be more feminine and girly has gone into overdrive. A girl who used to have a closet full of jeans and t-shirts, now obsesses over frilly dresses and flowing skirts. Recently, I’ve fallen head-over-heels for the turban. It seems so très chic, and I’m all for sprinkling a bit of glamour into my summer look. How about you? Would you or have you decorated your pretty head with a pleated fabric of choice? If the answer is yes, I guarantee you felt very in vogue, for there is nothing like a simple accessory to add a bit of glitz to your day.


  1. Oh, gotta love the turbans. Maybe I'll be bold and be the first in our area to sport one. Sure would be a time saver. Happy week to you!


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