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Hi Everyone! My name is Rhi and I blog over at Hey Gorg. I'm a fulltime blogger and wedding stylist and although I don't have kids of my own, but I absolutely love nursery room inspiration and design. Over on Pintrest I have been filing away photos and ideas that I may get to implement in my own home one day! But for now, the stylist in me has prepared a list of five things you can do to make your baby's space charming and unique.

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{One} Try picking colours for your nursery that go against the traditional pale pink for girls and light blues for boys. Lavender and plum, white and beige, gray and seafoam, yellow and green, blush and hot pink; all of these colour schemes are unexpected for nurseries but visually appealing when done right. Even better, most colour schemes aside from the typical baby blue and pink, can be applicable to your child's room as they grow older and develop their own sense of style. 

{Two} Switching out typical nursery elements for unexpected statement pieces really allows the space to stand out. For example, in lieu of a traditional mobile, try hanging a cluster of poms and lanterns in various hues and textures like the photo above. This is something that can remain in your child's room for years while a baby can outgrow a traditional mobile. Instead of a regular baby change station, find your fave fabric, sew together or cover a baby-changing cushion and adhere to a funky vintage vanity. Thinking outside the box and combining old with new is an easy way to add spunk to a room.

{Three} While making a nursery look pretty is high on some parent's minds, remembering to incorporate elements that make the room soothing and comfortable is just as crucial. Hand me down books and stuffed animals for your kids to love too, a soft area rug in a complimenting hue over your hardwood floors,  a room with lots of natural light to trigger happiness in your baby,  or a room placed say, near the back of the house where it gets less noisy are all things to consider when creating your baby's room. 

{Four} Try personalizing your child's room in non-traditional ways. Things like posh monogrammed pillows or initial dresser knobs, a life-sized framed family tree showing generations before your baby was born, or emerald accents in the room to honour a baby born in May (emerald is May's birthstone) are all subtle ways to personalize your child's room without using a traditional wall decal or hanging wood letters. 

{Five} As is the case when designing any space, room or wedding, less is best. Make a list of the necessities you need and find ways to compliment or make these items more attractive or in tune to your aesthetic preferences. Just because there's photos of nurseries online decked out with fancy rugs, dressers, do it yourself mobiles, and all these fabulously refurbished pieces, doesn't mean this is the route you need to take. Keeping this in mind while scheming up your child's room will always keep you on track!

Thanks so much Blair for having me over on your blog! I've loved guest blogging for you and cannot wait to meet Miss Magnolia! 


  1. Know any cool places that make custom family trees?

  2. FABULOUS tips...I wish I had read this years ago whilst creating our little abode for our girls.
    BEAUTIFUL images...I love those pompoms.

  3. These are great ideas.

    I found this customized family tree on Etsy that would be PERFECT in a nursery!

  4. I'm all about keeping things clean and simple in a baby's room AND not going with those pink/blue colors.

    Great ideas!

  5. Love, love, love Rhiannon and her Hey Gorg designs!

    Liesl :)

  6. Thanks for letting me blog for you while you've been being such a great Mommy Blair :) You're amazing and I heart you! xoxo

  7. LOVE this post!!! i'm currently scheming about how i want our baby's nursery to look! these are some great tips!!


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