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hi everybody!  i'm thrilled to be here posting for blair while she's elbow deep in diapers, breastmilk, and placenta.  wait, scratch that last one.  moving on.  my name is bridget and i blog over at tales of me and the husband.  

i am pregnant myself.  here's proof.  i'm a few weeks behind miss blair, but will soon welcome my own baby boy.  hurrah!

now, before i go claiming that this is a brand new guest post, i feel like i should come clean.  this is a recycled guest post.  have i already lost you?  come back!  it's recycled because i think it's a good one for a new mom.  and recycling is really green too.  even when it's guest posts.
my sister kate just gave birth in september to my nephew quinn.  well, she posted not too long ago about how to be the perfect houseguest to a new mom.  and while some may say it's too strict others will say "right on."  keep in mind (please) that i'm being pretty tongue-in-cheek here.  so, ya know, forgive me.  anyway, i adapted it a bit, adding my own flair.  and here we go.

and it should be noted that kate got her inspiration for the post here.

numero uno. 
if you are sick, stay home.  that means you, sickie.  the new mom will hear that cough, sniffle, sneeze even if you don't and she will give you the evil eye as you fill her santized home with germs.  so, leave your dinner and gift on the doorstep and don't you even think about entering that house.  don't you do it!

numero dos.
don't show up unannounced.  she might be right in the middle of a difficult feed and lo and behold you end up seeing way more than you intended and she's been through the ringer so she's most likely entirely unaware (or plain old doesn't care) that she just flashed you.  so, give her a call.  and on that phone call see if she needs you to pick anything up.  diapers... wipes... snacks... eggs... wine... vodka... beer... where was i?

numero tres.
pamper mom.  give her some water, some cut up veggies, some trader joes peanut butter cups (they happen to be my favorite)... you get the picture.  even consider getting your license in massage therapy before coming and put that to good use.

numero cuatro.
wash your hands.  then wash them again.  if they happen to bump the doorway when you're leaving the kitchen just after washing them, turn around and redo it.  if you answer your cell phone after washing them, get your butt back in there and wash them again.  if you rub your nose, touch your ear, eyebrow, or hair, wash them again.  they should be red, raw, and cracking when you leave.  this is entirely an exaggeration that i had a lot of fun writing.

numero cinco.
don't kiss the baby on the lips.  or face.  come on people, we know better, right?

numero seis.
don't bring your small children.  as my sister put it, they are filthy creatures.  sweet, innocent, tender, yes.  but filthy.

numero siete.  
ask what you can do.  laundry?  filling the dishwasher?  painting the house?  washing the windows?  cleaning the chimney?  ya know.  little things.

numero ocho.
bring a meal and some snacks.  she will love you forever.

numero nueve. 
take a cue from mom.  if she seems tired, spent... get your butt outta there fast.  don't forget to vacuum on your way out.  

well, that should be it.  pretty easy peasy if you ask me.  i bet ya'll can't wait to visit!


  1. I don't think those are strict at all! Great advice.

  2. Hilarious. Must go follow yoru blog now!!!! Thinking of you Blair. Hope all is going smoothly...many blessings!

  3. These are great!!! Thanks for sharing! Ill have to remember this for all my preggo friends!

  4. Haha, so true and funny at the same time! :)


  5. Love all the advice! Completely warranted, all of them! Loved the hand washing tip..and the no kids tip!

  6. EXACTLY. I think you covered it all, Bridget!

  7. love.love.love this post! Thank you SO much for being green and recycling it so I could read it. And, I passed it along too!

  8. Um, these are perfect! Can I post this on my front door? :) My lil guy is 4 months old and could've used this when he was a newbie! We had people kissing him, staying WAY too long, and not offer any help (even their own dirty dishes!).

    Congrats to Blair, and you are one cute preggo yourself!! :)

  9. All great tips.

    Numero Cinque is my TOP, I think I will do a t-shirt on which the baby will tell people not to give kisses on the face or lips!

  10. Love it! These rules are AWESOME!!! Definitely rules to live by. =)

  11. confession: i'm definitely guilty of kissing babies on the face! oops!

    great list, bridget!


  12. These are great! (Now would it be too much if I posted them on my front door with there are new babies in our family??)



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