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Hello, friends! My name is Ilene and I'm coming to visit from Much Love, illy. When I'm not writing or taking pictures for my blog, I'm designing and creating lovelies for my etsy shop. Also some of my favorite people in the world include crazy family (who crack me up every single day - no joke!) and my fiance (who I have a mega crush on!).  

When Blair asked me to guest post, I was thrilled! I have looked up to her and her inspiring blog for a long time now, so I am flattered and honored. Love you, Blair!

Today I thought I'd share with you some of the things that have been currently inspiring me or I've currently been obsessing over. 


I have been mad obsessing over these darling tote bags over at Fabric and Handle.
I think the color choices and the leather straps are to die for. how cute are they?!

Immediately fell in love with this tutorial on Keiko Lynn's inspiring blog.
She made it look so easy and so stylish. 

Since summer has started, I can't seem to paint my nails just one color. Call me crazy, but I'm especially obsessed over this mint sorbet shade from Sally Hansen and all of her nail decals.

I know that making friendship bracelets are so middle school, but is that really a bad thing?
Okay, maybe going back to jr. high would be bad, but this? It's become the perfect craft for me to unwind at the end of the day while watching some summer tv. Something not work-related. This is my current fave pattern. 

what's inspiring you these days, friend?
or what has got your heart obsessing?

Thanks for having me, Blair!

Much Love,
Ilene (aka illy)


  1. oh my!! i want that tote bag, BAD!!! :)

  2. I love all of these...mint has been a fave summer nail color me too!

  3. I think the mixing nail colors is so cute! I love the houndstooth stick on Sally Hansen to go with the seafoam green. Pretty!

    And the tote bags are really unique!

  4. i love the friendship bracelets!!!


  5. i LOVE THEM ALL i LOVE PAINting a nails differently too.

  6. love the DIYs illy! just pinned both of them :) that bag is awesome too! suuuch a pretty color.

  7. that head scarf thing is THE BOMB. im doing it. all the time. now i need me some more scarves.

  8. Oooh, gotta love friendship bracelets!

  9. haha i m making those bracelets too. it's funny - i actually did think, okay am i too old for this? but hey, it really makes the time fly and is a great time for me to think about things. :)

    the bracelets, ring, and color nails that you showed in one of your pictures remind me of my post that i just blogged. about using bright colors to go bold. :)



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