Fat Free Kitchen Adventures {Wiggles}

One of my co-workers at Siloam, Debbie, LOVES to cook & loves to share it with us.  Guess who loves reaping the benefits?... ME!  She has got a really fun recipe blog where she chronicles her yumminess -- The Perfect Bite.  Last weekend I finally was brave enough to try one of her recipes -- a super yummy FAT FREE parfait!  You'll love them... Here is what you'll need:


Mix together the first 4 ingredients until smooth.  Fold in the cool-whip.  You do not want to use a mixer or you will ruin the moose-like texture you we are going for.  Refrigerate for at least 1 hour.

Hand crunch or use a food processor to break up nilla waffers.  I used a lot more than Debbie suggested, but if you want ALL her tips on keeping this extra extra healthy, definitely check out her measurements and instructions.

When ready to serve put the crumbled nilla waffers in the bottom of the glass, fill with parfait mixtures on top (btw - i used the black cherry & it was super yummy), and then top with as many blueberries as your heart desires.  Again, get better instructions and tips on Debbie's blog.

All in all, very easy to make.  Per my husband's request, next time I'm gonna make it with all "real" stuff "give me the fat" he says...

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  1. Oh my goodness this sounds amazing! Yummy! When are you due??!

  2. oh my gosh that looks so yummy :)

  3. It looks really yummy. I need me a food processor!

  4. These looks so good!!! And thanks so much for the wiggle- so sweet of you!!!

  5. That looks so yummy! I am all about low cal, fat free eats. Going to try this!

    And THANK YOU for wiggling me! :) So sweet - I'm happy to now check out your blog!

    Meggy from Chasing Davies

  6. Thank you again for featuring my blog! I really love yours.




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