Oh Happy Day!

Today is a HAPPY Day!  One of my absolute FAVORITE days of the whole year!
Do you know what today is?

The Summer Solstice!
The longest day of the year! The day when the sun shows it's bright & beautiful face for hours and hours (in the north pole - 24 hours)!  And let me tell you... I was MADE FOR THE LIGHT! Praise the sweet Lord for reminders like today of who we were made to be in Him.

{all pics via pinterest}

* on another HAPPY note -- I'm full term today!!! 37 weeks! Had an appointment today and I'm right on track!


  1. happy summer!! what a wonderful verse on a day like today! thanks for sharing!

    & yay for being right on track! so excited for you!! :)

  2. Hooray for summer!! And that you are right on schedule :)


  3. summer! So thankful its HERE! :)

  4. Happy Summer to you too! Love this time of year, but then again who doesn't?!

    Oooh and I can't wait for you to have your little baby!!!

  5. Today is my favourite day of the year too...I always do something fun to celebrate!

    Yay for being on track! :)

  6. I feel the EXACT same way - I'm buzzin' with happiness for the sunshine today! :) And Amen to the Light, darling lady!
    xoxo J

  7. Happy Summer to you! I love all these photos!

  8. How FUN! Today is my mother's favorite day of the year too!!!

    Liesl :)

  9. Absolute beautiful pictures. That lighting is amazing.

    Thanks for telling me it's summer solstice. I had no clue!

    Yippy for full term. Congrats!! =)

  10. I adore summer and this post!! Thanks for the verse, and I'm LOVING the photos!

    xo, gina

  11. YAHOOOO!! getting pretty excited for you and your babyyyy. hope she comes soon!

  12. These pictures are sooooo beautiful! Love the lighting!

  13. Summer is such a magical time isn't it? Oh and I realized I'm a jerk and never responded to your email! You can count on us for a guest post! Just let us know what you need. : )

  14. Yes, so glad summer is FINALLY here! Though in Boston the first 2 days have been a rainy mess ;/

    Hope you're enjoying it :)

  15. I love that scripture, and all the pictures! They're SOOO gorgeous! Whenever I think of 'The longest day of the year' I think of The Great Gatsby, where Daisy is talking about waiting for the longest day of the year, and always missing it! :D



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