Miscellany Monday

{one} how stinkin' cute is little Lindsay from Aisle to Aloha?  I am so excited for her hubby to be home and am just in love with this picture:

See more of his homecoming and their general cuteness by clicking {HERE}

{two} Hello Neëst!

I stumbled across this AWESOME blog -- full of fantastic photography, creations/inventions, and all around yumminess.  I thought about keeping it all to myself, but decided I had to share.  Check it out: helloneest.com.

{three} Incendies

 David and I had an awesome date on Friday... part of which including going to see a movie that came highly recommended.  Something I have really liked doing in the past has been going to a movie that I know nothing about and have never seen a trailer for or maybe even never heard of.  When I got to recommendations for this movie, along with a "it will change your life," I thought it would just be the perfect way to start our Friday night date.   Plus, David and I just really like foreign films.

Though, it was a good movie as far as movies go (directing, cinematography, characters) -- it was NOT what I was expecting & was pretty depressing.  Needless to say, I wish I had read about what this movie was about before I saw it.  Fair warning to any of you -- you really need to be prepared before you see this movie!  You do not want to get caught off guard like I did.  Check it out: Incendies

{four} don't forget to win you this dress giveaway from shabby apple!

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  1. I love Miscellany Mondays :)
    And Lindsay and her hubby are adorable! I already checked out her homecoming pics earlier. Thanks for the reminder to enter the giveaway! I had forgotten about it

  2. That reunion is so sweet! I love that they had silent conversation. Adorable!

  3. awww - that reunion has me all teary!!! I must go to her blog now!

  4. I love that picture of her and her hubby! I've found foreign films are hit and miss, thanks for the fair warning. Hadn't heard of it before either.

  5. Ohhh, ymminess blog looks awesome! Thanks for deciding to share!


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