Mirror, Mirror, on the wall...

In designing what I want Magnolia's nursery to look like/contain, I've really been brainstorming about mirrors and how to best incorporate them into the look we are going for.  Doing some web "window shopping," I came across these lovelies:

Speaking of mirrors, the last one kind of reminds me of the mirror from Harry Potter... which reminds me that my baby is basically DUE on the same day that the LAST HP movie comes out!!  I probably won't be saying this when the time gets here, but right now I'm hoping to get to go see the movie before Magnolia arrives.  David and I even had a silly conversation that went something like this:
me: if we go to Harry Potter on opening night and my water breaks during the credits, will we tell the theater attendants or will we just leave?
david:  I guess we would probably tell them, or we can just prepare a note ahead of time to leave on the seat..
me:  "Caution: Wet Seat. (sorry for the amniotic fluid)?"
Crack me up!  But seriously, although I don't consider myself a full-out HP nut, I have seen the past 7 movies in theaters and feel the need to see the last one for some closure from the Hogwarts world...


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  1. The conversation you had about HP and your water breaking seriously cracks me up! So funnY!

  2. Mirrors can add such lovely detail to a room and even just be used as art or decoration and I know that whatever you choose for the baby room will be darling and work just perfectly! Off to check out your wiggles!

    Liesl :)

  3. such a cute conversations :D I hope you can go watch the movie and Magnolia will have such a beautiful room!

  4. Bahaha - that conversation is hilarious!!!! my fiance and i CANNOT wait for HP!

    also loving the mirror images!

  5. I adore mirrors! I have been searching for the perfect antique looking mirror for years. Haven't found it but this post definitely has me inspired.

  6. You better tell that baby to hold off till you see the movie!

  7. lol...that's too funny! I love the idea of the pre-written note:-)


  8. Aah, that's too funny! You guys are adorable!

    I love mirrors and have been trying to figure out how to incorporate some in to my house...thanks for the inspiration!

  9. Yes, you HAVE to go see the movie! That convo is so funny!

  10. Lovely & inspiring photos! I'm so honored to have been "wiggled"! :)

  11. I LOVE the bathroom with the mirrors...I love mirrors. I once saw a room decorated (living room) in mirrors and blank frames. I loved it.

  12. i love antique mirrors.. these are all so lovely! can't wait to see how magnolia's nursery turns out :)


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