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Goldilocks and the three...

I had a little fun on pinterest yesterday building a new board.  It is slightly random, but if you have been reading my blog for even just a little bit, you probably are not surprised.  The board is full of chairs, bowls, beds, and blondes... a Goldilocks inspired board!

this chair is too.....
this porridge is too...
this bed is too...
What would Goldilocks choose?

Check out my the rest of my board:

Man Pinterest is addicting! {and this is only my second board. see my first here}  If you are on pinterest, leave me links to your favorite boards!  Are you addicted too?

I'm off to the Lake for the weekend with some friends from across the states... a MUCH needed time of fellowship, rest, and sunshine!  What are you lovelies up to?


  1. Such pretty pictures! I will have to check out pinterest sometime.

  2. I have an account on Pinterest but haven't had time to do anything there yet -- I'm a bit scared it will be as addictive as you describe! Absolutely love the first picture. What a cool and current idea to make a board for Goldilocks. I'll go check it. Curious to see if you found a way to involve the wolf or bears :D At least, as far as I remember the story, those were involved.

    Your weekend sounds Relaxing...! I'm up to two psytrance rave parties here in Finland, husband coming from India, him leaving to USA on Sun, myself packing and leaving on Mon, finishing a little movie, finishing jewelry, finishing a website -- so yeah my weekend is more on the lively side.

  3. Haha, I love it! very creative :)
    great pictures!! being a blonde myself, haha.

  4. I am addicted to Pinterest, too! I think you can see my favorite boards I'm following on my page:

  5. a very cute theme!! & those bowls are so pretty!!

  6. i just got on board with pinterest and yes, you're so right!!! it's so addicting. loving your board!

  7. I'm swooning over that bedroom! Meg signed up for Pinterest. I need to get on the ball and do it too!

  8. Isn't it so fun and addicting? I love those porridge bowls. So vintage and sweet.

  9. LOVE this board!! What a cute idea!!



  10. I have several things I need to say:
    1. I am addicted to pinterest
    2. great idea to theme boards like that (i may copy you)
    3. when I was little, I would eat applesauce and pretend I was goldilocks by repeating: "this porridge is toooo hot. this porridge is toooo cold. and this porridge is juuuust right!"

  11. That bed looks so fluffy and relaxing...

  12. I live your blog! So awesomely pretty and inspiring!

    my blog: Fruity Looks

  13. Pinterest is awesome! If you have an iPhone you must download the app. (probably not healthy for pinterest addicts).

    The Cheeky Cafe

  14. oh my goodness i am so addicted!! i pin stuff everyday.
    i'm off to check out your pretty boards.
    you can find mine here:

  15. Ooh, I've recently gotten into pinterest too! Checking out your boards now!


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