Nashville Fashion Week

I was so excited to get invited to one of the nights of the first Nashville Fashion Week!  Having never been to a real fashion show, I had no idea what to expect.  Each night of the week long event was held in a different location -- Thursday night was actually in a church just down the road from me.  The lights and runways were so cool, I totally forgot I was in a church.  

First up for the night was Olia Zavozina (designs featured above).  Olia does high fashion bridal gowns and men's wear and is in the process of launching the Royal Elegance Collection for retailers.

I was totally in love with Courtney Warren's Cooper line -- so colorful and totally wearable.  My sister-in-law actually used one of her designs as her bridesmaid dresses last summer.  "Warren has said it is her goal to ' create a dress that makes every woman feel sexy and beautiful.'  She named all the pieces in the line after friends and family, a tribute to their support for her work." [quote from NFW2011]

Above 3 designs are part of the White Rabbit line by Nashville designer Shea Steele.

The Main Event...

Christian "Fierce" Siriano!  Winner of the 4th season of Project Runway (you know you loved him).  Can't believe he is only 25.  He has definitely become big time since his win - lots of celebs are wearing his designs, including Rhiana & Mad Men's Christina Hendricks.  His lines are sold in Neiman Marcus and Saks 5th Avenue & internationally from Dubai to Russia!  Not to mention he had six collections shown at NYC fashion week.  

His models were really hard to take pictures of -- they were walking so fast and I wasn't using flash.  He didn't walk out during the final pass, but he did poke his head out for point two seconds and I got a glimpse of his signature black flat ironed and hair sprayed locks.

I had so much fun!  Have any of y'all ever attended fashion week anywhere?  This was obviously no NYC Fashion week, but hey -- it's Nashville's first and I thought they rocked it!

{all pictures are my own, designer information from NFW2011}


  1. Looking good.


  2. how beautiful! locky you the outfits looks great. :)

  3. Lucky you, Blair!! This looks amazing! :)

  4. I have always wanted to go to a Fashion show. You are so lucky! That is so awesome Christian was there. So fun!

  5. SO JEALOUS! We were at one of the after parties, but didn't get to go to any of the actual shows. I loved seeing these photos though!

  6. This looks so awesome! Great photos! I definitely love the colours of Courtney Warren's line...beautiful! I've always wanted to go to a fashion show!

  7. Wow--you got to see a Siriano show? You lucky girl. My town is way too small to have shows like this, but it sounds like it would be too fun!

  8. that's awesome that nash has fashion week now. i've only been to a wedding gown fashion show which was super dull. this looks way better.

  9. this is incredible! i need to do some research and see if boise has a fashion week!



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