Dinner & Appetizers under $20 in NYC

Union Square Saturday Market!  This was one of my favorite days in NYC.  Not only did we find all we need for a yummy homemade meal, but also snacked and sampled some tasty goodness as we strolled around and checked out all the vendors.

We purchased some petite white and orange carrots, purple finger potatoes, and some itsy bitsy pearl onions.  With some spices from my cousin's kitchen, David started his magic.

Goat cheese is something I'm so happy is okay to eat while pregnant... as long as it is pasteurized of course!  There actually was a vendor who was selling it raw... (magnolia says "yuck!") so we of course skipped that booth and found this herb-rolled cheesy goodness for our appetizer!

Fresh flounder from the market - we got two filets for less than $8.00.  David, as always, made it perfectly -- i'm talking melt in your mouth (if you didn't know this about me... I don't cook, so yes you are reading this post correctly - david did it all!)

Veggies - $4
Flounder - $8
Goat Cheese - $6
total = $18

Yes, that's right - $18 for a dinner this good in the most expensive city I've ever encountered!  I felt like Rachel Ray on one of her old shows...(remember $40 A Day?).  Even better than the food was the service and the company it came with.  Though we did visit a very hustle and bustle type of city for our babymoon, we were very intentional about also spending quiet down time relaxing and enjoying each other away from all the (19 million) people in New York City.  

Such a beautiful and yummy day with my baby daddy! (hehe, that's so fun/funny to say!)



  1. YUM! Fantastic photos... that goat cheese one especially : )

  2. Wow! That looks AHMAZING. High five to David! I love when men can cook. I do enjoy cooking a bit here and there, but the real chef is my honey boo boo boo. Haha. Cheers to honeys that cook! :)

  3. well done! it's a feat in NYC for sure & the goat cheese looks amazing :)

  4. This looks absolutely amazing. I love goat cheese and all types of veggies! Yum! Happy Monday!

  5. Oh yummy! Looks like you guys know how to eat well and stay on budget. Great photos!

  6. Nice work, especially in the Big Apple! This reminds me of "$40 A Day" on the Food Network, just as you said, but even better and it looks delish!

    Liesl :)

  7. P.S. Used to love going to the Union Station Farmer's Market when I lived in Manhattan! :)

  8. looks delicious! veggies and goat cheese is a fave combo!

  9. oooh, I LOVE this post!
    That food looks sooo yummy! So tasty. So delish.


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