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3rd Trimester Rant

-27 WEEKS-
I'm starting to feel a little bit like I'm running out of time.  I just hit my third trimester today!  How did that happen?  Didn't I just tell everyone I was pregnant, and just find out we are expecting a precious girl?.. and now I'm on the countdown!?  So crazy.  As time gets shorter, why does it feel like the checklist just gets longer?   I'm continually perplexed by trying to make a baby registry.  I've given up the idea of cloth diapers because I can't wrap my mind around the logistics of it all.  I feel like I'm not a good decision maker right now -- what should I register for vs. try to borrow or buy on consignment?  And, what the heck are the differences between breast pumps anyway?  

Don't even get me started on maternity clothes -- WHY FOR THE LOVE OF ICE CREAM are the only pants offered for pregnant women cargos??? Why would a woman, who is already concerned with the fact that her thighs might be growing want to draw attention to them with a big fat pocket??  As my friend Leigh says "Car-go? Car-NO!" 

Food?  I scare myself every time I ask for a ham & cheese sandwich.  I HATE lunch meet.  But yup, that is what I want every day twice a day... (don't worry, i microwave it first).  And well great, now that I just saw the word ham as I typed it on the screen in front of me... it is now all that I can think of an my mouth is watering.  Ham. Ham. HAM!

Nursery?  Why is it, whenever you try to really clean something, all that happens is a HUGE mess.  Tell me it's not just me?

Wait a second... was that cellulite I just saw??!?!... 

I think i'll stop this rant at that.


disclaimer: baby magnolia i love you oh so very much and this is all so very much worth it!


  1. My biggest WTH preg moment was when I grew out of my maternity clothes at the very end. Yikes.

  2. Your baby belly is SOOOOOO cute! I have not ever been pregnant, but I can say that everything will be just fine. So what if you crave lunch meat? So what if you don't feel like you have everything together? What's what is that you have a precious little miracle in your belly that is OH SO ADORABLE. I know you know this. I'm so excited for you still and am sure you'll be a-ok with everything in time. The best thing to do is do what your body tells you! Have a wonderful day, Blair! :)

  3. Dearest Blair - I can feel your pain. I am less than 12 weeks away from my due date and while being 12 weeks away from anything else doesn't sound like a big deal, being 12 weeks away from BRINGING LIFE INTO THIS WORLD is kind of a big deal. :)

    My nursery is no where near ready and no where near clean, my food choices are less than stellar, I tried to give up soda for the rest of the pregnancy and lasted <24 hours... need I go on?

    I'm right there with you on this. You need to continue the rant? You know where I am. :) Love you friend.

  4. You're beautiful, and I can't believe you're in the 3rd trimester either, but you've still got 13 weeks and everything will get done one way or the other. I'm 3 weeks out and still haven't packed my hospital bag buuut you know, worse things could happen. All you really need is a crib, diapers and some onesies, though I'm sure you'll have much more than that. Excited for you as you're getting closer!! :)

  5. your tummy look sso cute though. time is flying by. :) almost there.

  6. Ahhh pregnancy! It's such a wonderful time. You look fabulous.

  7. Ahahaha...what a rant!? I love it. Yes, it comes outta nowhere. I wish I knew then what I know now. Buy consignment as much as possible. For everthing except the car seat. That would be my only simple piece of advice. They go through it all so quickly....

  8. Keep the rants coming! I have never been pregnant, but love hearing ALL about it! :)

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  10. Oh Blair! I remember thinking all of those thoughts! Only I ate candy nonstop instead of ham! When Felicity came, the apartment was a mess, she didn't have a nursery, and we didn't have cloth diapers. I am STILL adjusting and figuring these things out but that is okay. I don't want to ramble on with advice but just know that you are going to be a great mom (I have no doubt!). Take care!

  11. Wow! Third trimester! I, too, feel like your pregnancy has gone by so quickly. Crazy! Good luck on getting everything together. I know you'll do great, just like you always do.

  12. you look great, girl. i remember being very disturbed at what i craved (fast food!) as well as what i suddenly found repulsive (my favorite vegetables). it made it impossible to eat well.

    have you tried a bella band? i had an off-brand one that worked great. but mostly i wore target brand of maternity jeans like everyday.

  13. Oh my gosh- I hit the "oh my gosh I'm about to have this baby and it won't have a bed to sleep in" meltdown right about the same time. Registering takes just a couple of hrs and after u get some things in the nursery, you'll feel better. The great thing is that all babies need for the first couple of weeks is diapers, a blanket, and you!

  14. a. you look fabulous.

    b. why in hell are they making cargo pants for pregnant ladies? something about that seems fundamentally wrong and i suspect there is a man behind it.

  15. omg! i can't believe you are already on your third trimester! just the other day we were line dancing together! ;)

  16. I remember hating all of the pants I found. I ended up just buying a pair of jeans that were too big for me instead. lol

    You look cute!

  17. Hi Blair,
    Agreed, you look great! I've never been prego but am a baby nurse so I thought maybe I could help a little bit.
    Symphony pumps are WONDERFUL according to the Moms I work with. With regard to cloth diapers, make sure you have a few packs of disposable newborn ones...a lot of cloth diapers have a weight limit of at least 10lbs so most babies don't fit into them for the first few weeks.

    Here are my essentials for a baby registry: a boppy pillow for nursing, diaper cream(balmex or desitin), lanolin cream(for sore breasts( mylicon drops(over the counter gas relief medicine for baby), musical crib mobile, a swing, and swaddling blankets.
    And I agree with above, you can consign a lot, just not the car seat (you want to be sure it wasn't in an accident/hasn't been recalled) they outgrow stuff so fast.
    You are gonna do great!!! Let me know if I can help with anything else!

  18. It HAS flown by, I really do feel like you just announced it the other day :) You look fantastic!

  19. Hey Blair!

    I just wanted to tell you that you are not alone! I clearly remember feeling the same way you do right at this moment! You are gonna be a great Mom and things do fall into place, I promise! Just try to enjoy your last days of relaxation and sleep if you are able to. As far as what to register for...register for whatever you want and what you don't get, then you can figure out where else you can get it. You look fantastic! I'm so excited for you! Being a parent is fantastic, comes with a lot of questions, but always has an answer! Your answer is the right one too, don't forget that! Hope this helps...

  20. ranting is oh so very allowed! glad today went better, but now you're by no means crazy for having days like yesterday! praying for you and the babe as the final countdown commences! :-)

  21. i'm sorry i haven't been by in a exciting and congratulations on your pregnancy! love the belly pics and that's so funny about the cravings for ham and cheese! my cravings were for taco bell for all three of my pregnancy's.


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