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I'm not Irish... (hey, neither was St. Patrick!) and I've never been to Ireland, but I can still love me some green.  It's not my favorite of all colors, but for some reason, I feel like my closet is full of it (maybe that means it is my favorite color?).  While my closet is not full of these items, I drooled a little bit while pretend shopping in my magical online anthropolgie store that makes everything I click on appear before me free of charge...  

Speaking of St. Patrick - what's the deal with green beer?  I'm quite unclear how the holiday became what it is today... I mean, do you know the real story of St. Patrick? (however, as a banned beverage, I would really like a beer right now, even if it is unnecessarily tinted green).

anywhoo...  some "Wednesday" Wiggles for you (sorry my hormones got in the way yesterday):

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  1. I was looking through my closet this morning for something green and discovered that I do not own anything in this color. Now if I had a little extra cash I would probably buy that lovely green skirt...and the shoes!

  2. yup i know about the real story too - so it is really amusing that it involves so much drinking. i think ppl just find a good excuse to get drunk ;)

    i do love all these green picks, friend - esp that ring and those wedges!!

  3. oh my-- I love every single picture posted!! I'm off to go put some green on! :)

  4. ooooh!! I love these finds!! Isn't it funny that our "least favorite" color is the color overflowing from our closets? I don't particularly like the color blue, yet whenever I go shopping I gravitate to that color!! odd.
    HAve a wonderful day + Happy St. Patty's day!! xoxo

  5. pretty ppretty greens :)

    LOVE me so mat kearney

    Nashville AND eugene, OR boy :)

  6. I just love green for spring!


  7. LOVE green & I love all your picks! Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

  8. aww how cute and sweet are you!?! thank you so much for that little shout out!! i'm honored :)

    Meg (Across The Pond)

  9. I think Kelly green is a color for anyone, it's happy. Kind of like that necklace...which I swear has a face- with chubby cheeks. Am I seeing things? Yes, likely.

  10. Whee! Great pics Miss Blair. Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better today too, love. P.S. Three of my fave blogs are wiggled today. Amazing :) xo

  11. Green IS my favorite color, and I have maybe one green piece of clothing? Maybe? I'm so getting pinched today. xoxo

  12. Cute green picks! If not green beer how about a green bagel? I hear those are 'traditional' also.

  13. Well hello there, friend! SO excited you stopped by... your blog is adorable! And SO excited you gave me a shout out today! How sweet are you?! Glad to have a new friend. And even more happy because I definitely talked myself into needing that GORGEOUS Anthro green and gold ring. Love!

  14. I think it's so funny that St. Patrick's Day is so widely celebrated...but I do kinda love every holiday like this just for the fact that it seems to make people more friendly, if only for a day!

  15. Happy St. Patty's! I adore that green ring, what a striking color for jewelry.

  16. Aww. I love two of these blogs already. Will have to check out the rest!

  17. i love this wiggle idea! it is great!

  18. IN LOVE with those green shoes.
    thanks for the post :) loving your blog.


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