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hi friends! olivia here from For Me.  i'm visiting for the day while Blair's computer is MIA :( {although that sounds like a nightmare I bet we could all admit that it also may be very freeing!!}

i've seen this print (as I am sure many of you have) floating around the blogosphere:

I have been thinking a lot about this lately and feel like God has taught me just this regarding His plans for our life. I'm one of those girls who always has a plan. I always know what my next move, I always have my Saturday planned out by Thursday. While this can be great in some ways, it doesn't leave a ton of room for the unplanned.

This same struggle has been apparent in my relationship with the Lord. My favorite verse when I was in high school was Proverbs 3:5-6

"Trust in the Lord with all of your heart, lean not on your own understanding, in all ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight"

I always loved it and lived by pieces of it but it wasn't until this past December that I truly understood what it meant. I had to learn that if I kept planning my next move I was not leaving any room for God to work in my life or to make my plans for me. What I was really faced with is that I wasn't fully trusting in the Lord. I was scared of letting go, and what I learned was that if I kept on planning my own life, God's BETTER plan for my life would never get to flourish.

In December I quit my job. Straight up quit (although I was very unhappy in it, this is the most UNLIKE me thing for those who know me). I am so blessed to have a very supportive husband who helped encourage me to chase my dreams. We both knew that if I didn't quit I would never have forced myself to follow those dreams.

I am now in the process of starting my own business and I've NEVER been happier. I am so glad that I decided to let go of my plans and allow the room for better and new ones to come in!

what do you feel like you could let go right now in your life? maybe there is something greater waiting for you if you do :)


  1. So very encouraging! Thanks for sharing, Olivia!
    {and hope things are straightening out for you, Blair!}

  2. Wow! What an inspiring story! My life is wonderful. I wouldn't change a thing... except maybe that I don't procrastinate so much. I would get so much done!

  3. I love that quote, seems like I need to listen to it more though! I really feeling like I need the encouragement right now to let life take me where I need to go but I'm so busy worrying about a plan that I'm too busy to pay attention to where life wants me to go.

  4. Hi. This is my first time to post my comment. I recently discoverd your wonderful blog by accident. Since then, I have been enjoying your blog.

    I can associate to this archive since last year I left my favorite job and the West coast for the East coast to be with my fiance and support his career. This decision was hard because I had to leave all my "comforts" behind. But as I look back now, I believed that I made the right decision because I have been become more appreciative person as my horizon opened much wider.

    Thank you so much sharing this wonderful perspective of yours:) Hope you will get your computer back soon. Also, I would like to know what dream you are following.

  5. Hi Atsuko, glad you can relate! Aren't you glad you were forced into that new situation to be able to see what more you can have in your life? So amazing. The dream I am following is starting my own business! I had always wanted to do so but never felt like I could. I was worried what people would think about me, I was worried about the fear of the unknown. The business is home organizing and event & wedding coordinating! I've been writing about it a lot lately if you'd like to come visit my blog to read more (link at the top of this post) !! Hope you're having a great day!!

  6. This is SO me. I need to hear this every.single.day.

  7. what a great verse! I also quit my job on January after only 7 months...I am an RN and had a great position, one that I was very blessed to have, being a new grad! However, I was also working the night shift, full-time, 7p to 7:30a, and am also a newlywed...I never saw my hubby:( I was so depressed and finally realized I was going to be miserable if I stayed. Thankfully, I also have a very loving/supportive/encouraging husband. I am so much happier! Thanks for sharing and sorry about the break-in, Blair! Hope everything is back to normal soon!

  8. Such a beautiful post and reminder of how when you let go and let God, he always does a better job with our life!

    Blair- so sorry to hear about the robbery. UGH!

  9. Yes to that and a lovely bright sunny day:)


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