Travel Bucket List :: Guest Post, La Mia Vita

I have been so lucky to have traveled all over the United States, Mexico, all over Europe (Italy, Czech Republic, Ireland, Austria, France, Croatia, London, Germany, Spain) and the US. Virgin Islands.
{US Virgin Islands}

While I have traveled a lot, my travel bug never rests and I have made a traveling bucket list. 
A list of things I want to do/see/go to before I kick the bucket!

live in paris or prague and teach english
rent a boat/yacht and ride along the french riveria
get a massage on the beaches of tailand
see all 7 wonders of the world
go on an african safari
zip line through the costa rica rainforest
learn spanish in spain
lay on the beaches of fiji
stay at an all inclusive resort in cancun
float in an eternity pool on the greek islands

thanks for having me Blair and safe travels!


  1. Love this!!!! :o) Your photos are beautiful!!! (as is yourself, hehe)
    And oh man I feel ya on the travel bug... it's so bad, i'm always feeling the itch. YOu've been to some gorgeous place! (I've been to some of those too, loved 'em :o) And I love your list!

  2. <3 Oh I love that last jumping picture. :)

  3. Lovely guest post! You are so gorgeous in every photo- makes me want to 1. workout and 2. travel and get tan.

  4. Wow, you've been to some beautiful places! & your bucket list is fabulous!! I need to travel more asap.

  5. i stayed in st john, usvi and this picture is only making me DIIIIIIIIIE to go back.


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