Fat Tuesday King Cake {guest post :: Elleinad Spir}

Today is Fat Tuesday, thereby marking the beginning of Mardi Gras. Although I am not in New Orleans, I still wanted to get in on the fun. When Blair asked me (hi...Danielle from Elleinad Spir) to guest post here on her amazing site, I thought that today was the perfect time. Mardi Gras is all about celebration. For me, Blair's blog is a celebratory place. We come here to enjoy her words, get lost in her stories and experience her joy.

The traditional cake for Mardi Gras is a King Cake....but that wasn't what I made. Sorry to all those traditionalist out there. I wanted to work with colored cake batter and, well...just have some fun.

Yes..those are Christmas Monkey PJs and it's March. Please don't judge.

Bonham and I mixed up some store bought white cake, then split it into three bowls. We died one green, one yellow/gold and one purple. These are the traditional Mardi Gras colors...purple to represent justice, green for faith and gold for power. These would have made great layered cupcakes, but I thought a cake was more fitting. I filled my very well greased bunt pan with each layer.

Once cooled I drizzled thinned out vanilla cake frosting over the top. I went store bought here too. I wanted it to be thicker than a glaze, but not a true frosting. I added water a few tablespoons at a time until I reached the consistency I wanted. In hindsight, the frosting was too thin and the cake was still too warm when I frosted it. I wanted it to stay white and it didn't, it soaked into the cake more than I wanted. I tried for a second layer that helped some, but next time I'll know better. Remember please...I am an at home baker! Not a professional by any means!!

A few sprinkles on top...Bonham's favorite part. I skipped the plastic baby...well, because it's kind of creepy to add a plastic baby to a cake right? Actually, it's all in good fun, I just didn't have one. I should have found some beads and doubloons though. Thanks to the new Disney Junior show, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Bonham thinks gold doubloons are way cool.

As they say in NOLA...
Laissez les bon temps rouler

Thank you Blair for having me here today. I hope a few years from now you and baby girl will make this fun cake and think of us.


  1. this cake looks so fun and delicious!! yum. I think the xmas monkey pj's are adorable by the way.

  2. Oh, Bonham looks beautiful. I'm so in love and that cake looks amazing. Can't believe you made that!

  3. Thank you so much for having me...well, us...today. We had a blast making this cake. Hope you are having a great Fat Tuesday!

  4. How fun! This is so pretty and festive for a party.

  5. yum!! that looks delicious and oh so fun!

  6. Oh heck to the yeah! Cut me a slice of that bad boy!

  7. Oh my that is super cute! Lovely sprinkles sprinkling too by an adorable little boy! :)

    Liesl :)


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