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to preface this post you should know that the hubs and i moved from nashville to nyc over 2 years ago (green hills, holla!). how ironic that i'm posting for blair today as she is gallivanting around the city right this very minute.

before nyc, we would let sam wiggins (the movie star) romp in our backyard to do his business like every other dog owner we knew.

oh backyards.... sigh. don't get me wrong. i have a backyard. i just share it with 8 million other new yorkers and we collectively call it central park.

now i do the "hover over your dog with poop bag in hand pose." i may or may not do that pose in pj pants on my block.

it's the law u know. to pick up your dog's poop. classy.

it's also courteous to "curb your dog." which politely means... don't let your dog crap in the middle of the sidewalk.

sam wiggins likes to curb it wherever he pleases. mostly directly in front of luxury doorman buildings. he was born in the south, after all.

i swear a comedian should do a seinfeld-esque skit on this topic. it would dominate.

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  1. My dog does the same, he only does his thing when everybody is looking and his favorite is in front of people who sit outside and eat...
    So true, it's such a funny topic!

  2. bama is about to be a city dog in a few months!!

  3. hilarious, renee. he wants an audience!

  4. love the guest post :) We have a dog in Boston, so I can relate :)We're pumped for spring and walks without snow, slush & ice!

  5. I'm definitely the girl in pjs walking her dog :-) Ahh, I totally relate with the city/dog scenario. It can be a comedy routine!!

  6. The first time I walked a dog, the dog squatted in the middle of a busy intersection as we were crossing and let loose right there!

  7. I can unfortunately relate to the dog poo art of hunching with the poop bag and 'curbing'. Mine love to take a squat in the crosswalk and never seem to finish before the the light turns green.

  8. yes yes! i'm always like... NOT IN THE STREET!!! safety first, sheesh.

  9. so the day before you sent me your post...i had such a laugh watching this very thing occur... i wonder if some of these city dogs have ever seen grass (not including central park)....

    thanks for guest posting!!!


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