The Big Apple!

{photo by Hernan Seoane}

A quick hello from me.  Thank you SO much for everyone's kind words and support over the break in we had this past Sunday.  An especially huge thank you to Oliva and Tiffany for posting earlier this week!  I've still got a couple more gracious guest posters coming up over the next few days (since I have not been able to prepare posts for while i'm in the big apple next week).  I've definitely missed having my computer and personal time at home to be able to visit all y'alls sweet blogs -- but know that I am so thankful for each of you and hope to get caught up on your worlds soon!

Even with all the mess around me right now, David and I are still super SUPER excited to be headed to NYC for our 4th Anniversary/Babymoon trip!  We'll be staying in my sweet cousin's condo on Broadway (thank you Leslie!!) and have lots of fun things planned -- the met, central park, the guggenheim, regis & kelly, jimmy fallon, ground zero, magnolia cafe... we haven't had time to really "plan" let alone think about things, but we are hopeful to make it all work once we get there.  Also hoping to catch a broadway show!

I'm bringing a little onesie with me in the hopes of getting it signed by Regis, Kelly, Jimmy, and their guests.  I'm realizing it may be a long shot, but it's worth trying!

Although I'll miss my little canon s90 on the trip, we do have David's work camera and a borrowed lens, so I am  excited about hopefully catching some sweet shots -- i'll be sure to share them upon our return.

lots of questions for y'all today:
Are there any tips I should know about flying at 6 months pregnant?  
Any special travel secrets I should know about the big apple?
Any good gossip magazines you suggest I read on the plane?
Tips for eating on the cheap in NYC?

We're headed out EARLY tomorrow morning! Can't wait!
(hopefully the robbers don't return!)


  1. I was at Dancing Branflake and saw yesterday's post--I'm so sorry to hear you got robbed!

  2. That is just awful! But I love reading guest posts - so you've proven there really is a silver lining out there!

  3. awwww happy 4th anniversary! what a great year for u two with a baby on the way!!

  4. YAYAY tomorrow, so fun!! here are some of my tips from when we went 2 weeks ago :)

    cant wait to hear all about it!

  5. olivia - forgot about this! thanks for the link! what was the weather when you went? its going to be high 30s/mid 40s for us... a bit too cold for my liking.

  6. Have fun, Blair and David!

    I left a little bag for you on the dresser. I didn't put your name on it but I think you will recognize that it is for you!

    Hope you will have the google.doc I sent with all the info?

    Don't hesitate to give me a call or send a text about anything!


  7. so sorry to hear about your break in. that's so horrible!! my husband and i had our laptop and my camera stolen from us a couple years ago. to this day it still hurts not knowing how or who do it. but on a happier note! yay for NYC, 4th anniversary, and babymoon!! how exciting. we were there a couple years ago in december. it was 15 degrees! and we still walked around everywhere. it's harder to tell how cold it is because of all the buildings. hopefully you will be surprised at how the weather can still be nice. if you are trying to eat real cheap i would pretty much avoid restaurants. i didn't find a single cheap one. but the pizza places aren't bad...and the pizza is delicious!!

  8. Have so much fun! Be safe and I hope all goes well.

  9. I used to be a flight attendant and flew up until 6 months. I would have flown longer but as you know the aisles on an airplane are tight and people were starting to push into me. You will be perfectly find flying, just keep hydrated. You may swell a little but thats normal and will go away once on ground.

  10. It was similar for us! :( me too, I HATE the cold. so the gloves, hat, coat, warm socks were soo helpful it was at least sunny and you're outside walking around most of the time which is nice to keep everything on!

  11. Sorry about your break in.:( I found your blog thanks to Jenn.

    We flew internationally (from Midwest US to Asia) when I was six months pregnant. My suggestions: have an aisle seat. If you aren't assigned to one I am sure the person who does have one would be happy to switch with you. If not, they'll want to switch by the time the flight is over - you may be getting up to use the restroom a lot, haha.

    It was suggested to me that I buy compression socks; I didn't but made sure to get up and walk around often and to really stretch my legs even while seated. Since I just stumbled upon your blog I'm not sure how far of a flight it is from where you live to NYC but even if it is a short flight I'd recommend walking breaks and leg exercises while you're seated.

    Also be sure to bring plenty of snacks & water. Bringing a couple Nalgenes along that are empty when you go security (and then filling at a water fountain pre-flight) would be much cheaper then buying at a stand.

    I hope you have a great trip. :)

  12. aw hope you guys have soooo much fun!!! and i think that is sooo cute that you are going to trying to get a onesie signed by regis/kelly (love them!).

    have so much fun, friend!!!

  13. I'm so sorry to hear about the break-in!! Bad, bad people :( BUT, you and hubby are safe and healthy, and that's what matters. Have a FAB time in NYC!!!
    xoxo J

  14. Hubby and I usually make a trip to NYC once a year for a show. You might be able to get a good price for a show if you get there early enough and see if they have any tickets available to purchase the day of. You have to be willing to walk away without seeing one if you do it that way though. If you have your heart set on seeing a show though, I'd recommend booking in advance.

    Pizza shops are great for eating on the cheap. Ran into an expensive dining experience the last time I went. Blogged all about it here

    Have fun, travel safe!


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