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Wiggles {Puppy Love}

Hi! I'm Oscar.  Blair's sweet, cute, and lovable French Bulldog.  I think I'm 4, but we're not really sure because of the misleading papers that my parents got when they adopted me.  I'm very smart.  I know what it means when my mom says "Go get your toy," "Let's go on a car ride," "bed time," and "go lay down."  I know a lot more too!

I like to cuddle.  Mom is my favorite and I will follow her around all day if I could.  I do have to admit that I have terrible gas and a few other hygiene problems at times.  Swimming is not my favorite -- in fact, I can't swim & have my own life jacket!  I also make a lot of noise when I sleep -- lots of snoring.  I'm pretty cold natured and have to wear a sweater in the winter and like to sleep on top of the air vent when the heater is on.  My mom's grandfather once said, "You better never accidentally lock that dog in a closet and forget he is there... he's so ugly when you open the door he'll scare the hell out of you!"  Some people say "he's so ugly - he's cute."  But my mom thinks I'm adorable and tells me every day -- so that is all that matters.  They tell me that we are getting another "puppy" soon...

Oscar's Music Pick of the week:
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  1. Haven't heard of this band, but I'm looking forward to getting to know them!

  2. Joel misses Oscar and wants to visit again soon! He wants to get a dog just like him, despite the snoring! :) Hope to see you soon, and you (and David) are in our prayers!

  3. Too cute!!! Excited for your new "puppy!" ;)

  4. Aww..he is soooo adorable:) Have a lovely day, sweetie

    Ps: I am hosting a beautiful GIVEAWAY today! Hope you’ll join in :)

  5. I'm smitten...but then again, any cute little bully-nosed doggie makes my heart skip a beat!

    Oscar needs to meet my lil' pug Ashton!

  6. Oscar is SO adorable!
    And sounds like he's smart too.
    Smart dogs are the best.

    Thanks for the wiggle!

  7. Eeep! Blair, Oscar should be buddies with our English Bulldog, Hummer :) Oscar sure is the cutest guy EVA! xoxo

  8. I love him! He is stinkin cute- he reminds me of Stitch!

  9. Love your dad's(?) comment Blair, he is so cute!

  10. He is oh so adorable! Funny, I wrote about my beagle/basset mix today. It's the day for loving our furry friends :-)

  11. Your dog is the cutest. I want a French Bulldog so badly. Do they stay pretty healthy? Love yours!

  12. love that first photo! what a cutie! and sounds like he's got a great personality :)

  13. Oh, this is too darn cute! My husband wants a bulldog really bad! xo

  14. I'm still adjusting to Zoey's night-time noises! Your Grandfather's comment made me laugh out loud!!

  15. Oscar is really cute. I'm the "aunt" to my brother's French Bulldog Quinn. I bet she & Oscar would be good buddies!!


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