Miscellany Monday

{ONE} I didn't get to watch a lot of the red carpet last night, but when I turned the tv on the first person I saw was Cate Blanhcett and I LOVED her dress.  This might be the prettiest I have ever seen her.  Love the color.  Love her hair.  Love that little pop of yellow!

{Cate wearing Givenchy. photo via here}
{TWO}  Mom came through Nashville last week for a conference and dropped of a box of my old barbies!  It was so fun to go through.  I remembered every single little accessory.  SO many memories packed in that box with all the naked dolls (clothes were in another box!).  Of course I had to play with them all...

Pictured above: Jordan from NKTB, my very first ballerina barbie, RockStar Ken w/ lots of hair, little sister barbie, Beach Barbie, Stacey, Little Kelley, barbie, and Kristi (from Babysitter's Club)
Mom's conference was at Opryland Hotel.  I had such a blast hanging out and staying a night at the hotel with her -- we even got to spend time in the storm shelter when all the tornados were touching down all around Nashville!

{THREE} Have I mentioned that my favorite restaurant of all time is Silly Goose?  I'm pretty sure it's Magnolia's too!  We had a great late lunch Saturday when my twin sissy came into town!

{the King Kong: shrimp, couscous, avocado, cashews, and spice!}
{a wonderfully warm weekend}
{FOUR}  I've been receiving some really sweet baby love recently.  Magnolia got her first monogramed blanket.  So fun to see her sweet name. Thank you baby Mac (& momma).  My super crafty friend Destiny surprised me with a stamped initial and turquoise necklace with an M for Magnolia -- I love it and wear it basically everyday!  {Check out Destiny's blog HERE and her jewelry line HERE.}  Sissy brought Magnolia a "my auntie is #1" onesie this weekend -- it's perfect.  Four of my wonderful co-workers brought me/Magnolia a box of thin mints after over hearing that I was having a craving (I got 4 boxes in one day!).  My sweet momma and mother-in-law have also helped me out with some super cute maternity clothes.  And I have gotten so many sweet notes of congratulations and encouragement... I am feeling the love!
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  1. You are glowing, Blair! LOVE the name so much. You are going to be such a good Mom. xo

  2. Love that you played with all your Barbie stuff again. I remember when my daughter was little and I gave her all my old Barbie stuff, she completely destroyed the Barbie Townhouse :) When I first read your baby name I loved it so much I called my husband to tell him about it. It's just beautiful.

  3. I agree. Cate looked BEAUTIFUL in that dress!!!
    I love the Barbie par-ta going on!! :)
    And you look so beautiful!!!!
    Congrats again!!! :D

  4. So cute!!! I seriously love her name!!! And wow... those Barbie's brought back so many memories. I bet you had so much fun doing the lil photo shoot with them! Haha :)

  5. So sweet! You are too adorable in that dress. And I just love your baby's name. So incredibly beautiful and sweet.

    PS... the fact that you busted out all your Barbie dolls makes me love you more.

  6. Cate was beautiful! Loved the dress, her hair and makeup! Oh wow - Barbie! Lol, I probably would have done the same thing! You look gorgeous! Absolutely glowing! Pregnancy agrees with you. :-)

  7. I'm so glad you got to see your mom and your sister! :] Magnolia is such a beautiful name, by the way!

  8. cate blanchett is so classy. i normally don't think i'd like this dress but it worked on her.

  9. You look beautiful in that mint green dress and what a wonderful weekend it looks like you had!

    Liesl :)


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