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If I wasn't pregnant & had a large wad of cash...

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However, I am (very happily) pregnant and (quite happy enough) without a wad of cash... yet, I can definitely appreciate all these from an aesthetic standpoint right?  It's still pretty fun to "window shop" and see what wondrous, outrageously expensive, beauties Anthropologie is coming up with!  Which speaking of... about 9/10 of their tops could be worn by a pregnant woman -- all so flowy and pretty...  But, ahem, point number 2 -- no wad of cash.  And even if I did, I'd probably rather opt towards a beautimus crib liner for Magnolia and find my flowy non-maternity-maternity tops at forever 21 for a fourth the price!

On another note:  Hubs is still fighting the flu (although feeling a lot better).  I ... still have a cold (insert sad pouty face).  I'm taking tamiflu, keeping lyscol handy, and sleeping in a separate bed (which is uber lonely).  So we are still laying low. I'll eventually get around to sharing with you all the fun project I got to last weekend...  

Y'all have a great weekend!  What are you up to?


  1. I'm not pregnant but I'll take the huge wad of cash so I can get everything!

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  2. That long skirt is heaven! I hope you get better soon. Not sharing a bed is sucky.

  3. These are beautiful! Hope you and the hubby feel better soon too. XX

  4. well im not pregnant but i wish i had the huge wad of cash and buy all of these! love the long ruffley skirt!!

  5. I love Anthropologie – I always go to browse at their clothing when I go to the mall, but my go to store is Forever 21 as well. They have stylish clothes and it is so inexpensive that I can actually get a good amount of pieces (even without a wad of cash!)

    Regardless, it never hurts to look and dream a little ;)

  6. Oh and I hope you and the Hubby feel better!!

  7. Oh Anthro. I love it there. Can't really afford it though :) And a new project, I cannot wait to see what you created, Blair!! xo

  8. yes -- wise lady -- i found lots of fantastic tops in leiu of official maternity clothing at f21 too.

    hope you two feel much better soon. i'm still trying to get my energy back from our vday dinner gone wrong ha.

  9. i'd love them all as well.. if you only I had $$

  10. wishing your man a speedy recovery!

  11. what a great roundup!! i LOVE #6, sooo pretty!! i have the flu now too.. :*( it's not fun! i hope we both feel better soon!!

  12. lots of pretties! I hope you feel better soon!

  13. Love the dress and swimsuit! Pretty pretty pretty! New to your blog and loving it!

    XO - Jami
    i m a g i n e

  14. great finds! love #1!

    hope you are having a loveLee weekend!

  15. I am loving the paper bag waist pants this season. Unfortunately I am not sure how they would look on someone with "thunder thighs" as I was called on my high school soccer team! Love being able to keep up with you and baby via your blog!


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