Wiggles {catching up}

While I was gone on my blog sabbatical I missed some great posts by my blogging pals.  I have had so much fun catching up over the last few days.  

Here are a couple of the things that made me just giddy:

1. Rhi's (of Hey Gorgeous) sneak peak of her new website
 I cannot even explain how excited I am for this girl.  Love her!

2.  This little corner of Meg's (of Meg's Musings) so-cute-house

I also loved her dresser makeover!

3.  Mara's (of M loves M) 2010 Outfit Review

{Can I please come shop your closet and have all your shoes!}

4. Sandy's (of Sandy a la Mode) way too adorable nephew

I read so many fabulous blogs --  Y'all have all been so crafty and glamorous while I was away!  I'm still a bit behind... but hope to catch up with everyone by this weekend.

Some new music for your wiggling enjoyment:
(some great Nashvillian's with a new album - Chasing Someday)
Listen {HERE}

Some great blogs I've wiggled upon:
(aren't the names of these all so super cute? you'll love them all!)

{If you've been wiggled today or in the past, head to the wiggle page, pick up your badge, and check out the other blogs and music on the list... and as always, keep sending me your blog and music suggestions!}


{random p.s.- has anyone seen King's Speech?  It's amazing!}


  1. aww I love hey gorgeous!! must check out some others :)

  2. Love Mara, and Rhi and Sandy, great blogs to follow and great ladies

  3. I'll go check them right now!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Just found your blog and am your newest follower.

    Glad you found Megan's gorgeous 'Beach Bungalow 8' - such a great girl.. and blog!!

    x Charlotta

  5. Oh, the new Hey Gorgeous blog design is out of this world... LOVE it!! xo

  6. Congrats to the Wiggles! Love A Beautiful Mess... Im gonna visit the others :) Have a lovely day!!!

  7. Eeeep!! We should host a little party Blair :) You, Mara, Meg, Sandy and I! Wouldn't that be so fun? Thank you for listing me here, I feel so honoured. Love you girlfriend!!! xoxox

  8. thanks for including my nephew!! i am going to be seeing him next week so this gets me very excited!!! :)

  9. Oh this is too cute. I love Rhi's new site and she is so sweet :) And love Mara's outfit posts. I need to check out a couple of these other blogs including yours!!!

  10. Can't wait to check them out. That little guy is just TOO CUTE!!

    And congratulations on your impending arrival. Blessings to you both!

  11. you got good selection there dearie.

  12. blair, thank you for 'wiggling' me! such an honor. Your blog and the photography is such a breathe of fresh blog air!



  13. Thanks for the wiggle (: Your blog is lovely! I'm off to check out a few of your links!

  14. Such a great post! These are some of my favorite bloggers. Yay!

  15. cute, cute blog!! :)
    I like it, a lot!
    -Rylie from www.rylierenee.com

  16. I NEED to see the kings speech. it looks crazy good.

    I love that bloggers green chair and i always love mara's style!


  17. Lovely on all fronts, and I adore Rhiannon and Mara!

    Liesl :)


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