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[ONE] a reprieve from the cold... 

Nashville enjoyed 60degree weather this weekend!  Although Friday afternoon wasn't quite as warm yet, David and I took a bike ride for the first time since before Thanksgiving.  It was great!  A quick trip down to the duck pond (where we made many feathery friends with our stale bagels) and then we headed over to the local coffee shop for a decaf cappacinno.  A great afternoon date!  Loved it and am now even so much more ready for SPRING!!  (by the way, david "pimped my ride" for Christmas, I'll have to share soon!)

{whooga classics in chestnut}
For the past few weeks my feet have been so super happy and cozy.  The great folks over at Whooga Boots in Austrailia shipped me over my very first pair of ugg boots.  I know you might be thinking "what's Whooga? Those aren't real uggs," but these alternatives to the Ugg brand are less expensive, just as stylish, and just as good of quality (if not better) than the ones you'll find at your department store.  Whoogas are not  like the alternatives you might be thinking off - they are not made of synthetic fibers, but are made of real australian merino sheepskin both inside and out (read more about them here).  Each pair is hand made!  I love my Whoogas.  I don't regret at all not having Ugg brand.  Slip Whoogas on without socks - they're warm, comfortable, and I seriously wear them with everything.  If anyone is in the market for ugg boots, please do yourself a favor and check out Whooga brand first!  (buyer tip: they are in european sizes so make sure to measure carefully before ordering and remember that you won't be wearing socks.  if you are normally between sizes, I suggest going with the smaller of the two. also take some time to read their care page.)

[THREE] a super huge thank you to the super sweet gals over at Bon Bon Rose Rose Girls for featuring me as their handpicked rosebud of the week!
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  1. I love your site, we have lots of geese in our area! Your whoogas are wonderful!

    Come and join my amazing giveaway from Splenderosa!

    Art by Karena

  2. so jealous of the warm weather, it is freeezing here & will be in the teens later this week :(

    so i had a dream the other night that you were a country music artist (must be cause you're a nashville girl ;)) & my family went to see you perform & we got to meet! it was a happy dream :)

  3. We have perfect bike riding weather going on here in Phoenix and I haven't been out - shame on me. Thanks for the reminder, I love an afternoon bike ride.

  4. Um, one...I love Megans dream! Haha that is great! And those Whooga's are TOO cute!!! Might have to check them out :)

    Happy Monday Blair! <3

  5. You were a rosebud? So awesome! I am waiting to be picked because they are always so kind to their rosebuds. And those boots do look comfy and warm. I like that they are cheaper than Uggs.

  6. congrats on your rosebud feature, woot! i spent the last week in cali and it was 70/80 degrees! and now i come home to a blizzard of snow that is about to come and negative temps ahh!!!

  7. thanks for the tip about whooga's! I had never heard of them... definitely going to check them out.

    Can't wait to see your tricked out bike! :P

  8. I love this post so much; especially the geese pictures. They are so lovely. I used to have two pet geese when I was growing up!

    Loving your blog, overall, too!

    xo, gina

  9. You're more than welcome! We had some beautiful weather here this weekend too. I was even able to take the dude to the beach in short sleeves!

  10. Just stumbled across your blog. I'm in Nashville too (well, Franklin actually). Love the Whoogas - going to check those out!

  11. i have an emu boot similar to the whooga, mine black though, and your colour is definitely better.

  12. How did I not know you lived in Nashville?! Was there this past weekend for Blissdom. Would love to have met you!

  13. Wonderful Micellany Monday posting.
    I think I might need a pair of whooga's. I have a couple pair of bear paws, but I don't think they look at warm as whoogas!

    Thanks for mentioning my blog last week. I love following yours!


  14. I love your blog, sweets! I want a pair of my own Whoogas so bad!

  15. i love my uggs... i wear them with everything!!

    ps. just got back to bloggyland and i have missed so much!! you going to be the greatest mommy!!!! congrats my sweet friend!

  16. So glad you posted about Whooga. I had/have a pair of UGGS that were just not worth all of the money that I spent on them, and they were made in China for a fraction of the price, so I sought out other sheepskin boots. I ended up purchasing a pair of KiwiSheepskins, but I definitely will be checking out Whooga, because in Michigan you cannot have enough pair of warm boots.
    <3 leigh


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