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A Hasty Life

Sweet Ashley from A Hasty Life invited me join in on her blog crawl... It's in the Bag. So sweet of her to include me, however, as you can see, my bag is not that exciting. I keep it pretty basic. Everyone once in a while there might be something random in there. I also used to keep a lot of "just in case" type stuff jammed in there (sewing kit, nail file, extra vitamins, matches, blah blah), but I never used them and they just took up space.

I do however, love my purse...
David got it for me from Urban Outfitters for our 3rd anniversary last year (also known as the "leather anniversary")  I blogged about it HERE.

Inside you'll find...

1. 2011 day planner.  Already filled with dates to remember -- baby appointments, birthdays, U2 concert (which I probably can't go to anymore because I'll be 10 days away from giving birth!)
2. Keep the hands clean and keep them smooth! Best hand lotion - Look Ma' New Hands from Bath&Body Works
3.  My grandmother's change purse
4. My inside out wallet (too full to close the proper way)
5. Sephora compact mirror... funny story with this one: I had been looking for a good purse mirror for a while and just could not find one.  I like this one from Sephora, but you can only get it with the purchase of a gift card.  So, last time I was there, I bought a $5 giftcard to I could get the mirror and then used that to pay for my purchase that day... the check out lady thought I was crazy, but hey - free mirror!
6.  Canon S90  -- in my opinion, probably one of the best point and shoots.
7.  Always a mess, oily face and stained clothes.  Got to have oil absorbers and tide-to-go
8.  Business card holder made my our sweet cousin Tammy
9.  Lip stick, chap stick (which is a yankee candle), lip gloss
10.  I thought about trying to hide the ugly truth from you, but more often than not... there's a lot of junk in my purse.

So there you have it folks... that's what's in my bag!

Thank you to Beach Bungalow 8 for passing the torch to me. Make sure to check out Wattlebird tomorrow to see what's in her bag...



  1. These are so fun. I love your purse. It think it will still be cool decades from now. I also always have my little point and shoot with me :)

  2. wait...Tammy is your cousin!?!?!? And is she selling those card holders? I love and want!

  3. I love how you told us the story about how you got the compact mirror! I think I would have done the same thing too! Hahahaha! :)

  4. yours looks pretty similar mine. i always have a tide stick & i have the same oil absorbing sheets, i'm kind of obsessed with them. and i always have lotion to battle my dry skin. aaannd lots of junk as well.

    i LOVE that bag!!!

  5. i absolutely love that purse. i've had my eye out for a similar one.

    and i can't believe you use that old card holder! i got a new sewing machine for christmas and hope to become a bit more sophisticated in my sewing creations, ha. you'll be the first to receive a new card holder.

  6. Your purse is gorgeous. Is it weird that I love posts about what people keep in their purse? My favorite in yours is that day planner.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  7. pretty bag!! i love that hand lotion. i usually always have some in my not where it went. i change bags too often.

  8. hi! sorry i haven't been by in a while. i'm trying to start the new year off by catching up on my favorite blogs!

    i'm bummed i missed this blog crawl. i would have loved to join but i am having a great time seeing what is in everyone's bags!

  9. I love your bag! Also that you didn't try to hide the junk you carry, mine is full of old receipts and such too!

    One more thing! I dig your blog. So glad this blog crawl helped me find new blogs to read!

  10. I absolutely love the fact that you put all the junk in this photo also. Fabulous! I have so many receipts it's ridiculous. Cute cute bag!

  11. Love the purse. Tide to go is a MUST! (and, a U2 concert would be a fabulous last hurrah! what a great way to introduce baby to the great world of rock and roll! :-) )

  12. Thank you so much for participating in this blog crawl!! I love love love your business card holder!! It is so cheerful and colorful!!

    <3 Ashley

  13. OK, so I don't really follow your blog (I'm pretty new to this blog thing) and would not have seen it except for Ashley's blog crawl. But, you must go to your U2 concert! I went to mine (although I was due, as well-September 2009). My doctor said I could go as long as I wasn't flying. Walking around wasn't really fun (so I suggest cabs, and cars as much as possible), but it was an excellent baby moon for my husband and I and it's sooo cool to feel the baby kick around, when the music plays. I bought her a t-shirt (one that matches mine) that she still can't fit, but what a wonderful memory I can't wait to tell her about! PS. There were also tons of pregnant women there! I counted much to the annoyance of my husband! :)

  14. Oh... a leather anniversary?! That sounds wonderful!! Leather coat, leather boots, leather bag!!! hee hee
    That hand cream from Bath and Body is one of my fave. xo

  15. i loooooooooooove ur purse! the color is beautiful and would go well with so many things!!!

  16. ha, i enjoyed reading this post. I too been wanting to post about what's inside my bag but i think i'll save it for later. Anyway, great purse and great blog! :)


  17. i LOVE your bag!!! it is an awesome bag for anything you could possibly need!

  18. Ohhh Blair!! I love your bag and especially love that you took all the paper out for the photos hehe so cute! Hope you are feeling awesomely fabulous. Love you xoxo

  19. hhaha the junk at the bottom of the bag, SO TRUE, i dump mine out all of the time so that i can sift through and get rid of that stuff as it just seems to collect :)

  20. Love the bag, and love that you have a Canon S90! That's what I use to take a majority of the photos you've seen on my blog for the past 8 or 9 months. I rave about it to everyone I know!


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