Miscellany on Monday

7:45pm Sunday 12/12

{ONE} SNOW!  After church, David and I came home and spent the entire day on the couch as the flakes fell -- reading, napping, watching Harry & the Hendersons on netflix, eating, sleeping, tv... we were true couch potatoes.  And may I take a moment to say how thankful I am for shelter and heat and ask for prayers for those in our cities who are without one or both of these two things.

{My first Auburn game, Fall of 2007}
{TWO} I don't want to polarize myself from any University of Oregon (or U of Alabama) fans, but I think I should make the confession -- I'm an Auburn fan, and they are by far my favorite team.  No I didn't go there, and neither did David, but we are, in fact, fans!  We're excited for the newest Heisman winner & we are super excited about the chance for a national championship on January 10th.

{THREE}  You still have time to SHOP online with the Wild & Precious discount code.  Click HERE to check out all the stores offering free shipping, 20% off, and buy two get one free.  The last day do get these discounts is this Wednesday, December 15th.

{FOUR} The giveaway for the Janie Lu Vintage Sweetheart Necklace is being extended through the end of the work week.  Head on over to the giveaway page for your chance to win.

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  2. I love that first photo:) We also spent the whole weekend on the sofa watching telly and reading books:)
    Happy MOnday, darling

    Ps: I am hosting a beautiful home decor GIVEAWAY later today, just in time for Christmas!

  3. Love your snow photo. That Sunday sounds like just what I need. I went to an auction yesterday for what I thought would be about an hour, it took 6. Ugh, kind of wish I had been "snowed in" - don't think it's going to happen in Phoenix, perhaps I'll pretend.

  4. Oh I absolutely LOVE that first picture of you and the hubs!!!! Gorgeous! <333

  5. I love the the 1st picture,its so sweet:)

  6. I love your blog! I am a new blogger, but I have been reading them for awhile now! Even though I go to the University of Oregon, the Auburn picture is adorable! Have a great holiday season!


  7. haha I went to Oregon, so obviously I'm a die hard Ducks fan! That's exciting that Cam Newton got the Heisman though, he really deserved it.

    And you look super cute at the Auburn game (even if you are wearing Auburn colors lol)!

  8. You look cute in that Auburn gear...and that's something coming from this BAMA fan. ;)

    I'm proud of Cam, though! Two Heisman winners from the state of Alabama in 2 years...that's awesome!

    & I haven't watched Harry & the Hendersons in FOREVER....now I want to see it again! :)

  9. ohhh auburn vs. alabama....fun rivalry!!! we named our dog bama when we moved away from alabama and all of our auburn friends were so offended!! it was just after the actual state though :) hope you are doing well!!!

  10. Love the photos... that first one would make such a cute Christmas card. Say yes to being a couch potato!! It's good for the soul every now and then. xo


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