Wiggles {puddle jumping}

{photos via the talented potatobeenz | kasey d. | monday eyes}

Why do we like puddle jumping?  I don't think anyone really loves being wet or ruining a pair of shoes -- but there is something so inviting about just jumping!  Making a decision to do something -- because you want to, to abandon the sensibility of everyday life and just jump -- disregard how much the shoes cost, disregard who is watching, disregard if the "cool kids are doing it," and just do it.  Jump in the puddle.  Giggle.  Make a splash.  Be you and just jump!

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Are you a puddle jumper?


  1. i love puddle jumping! when the hubs & i were dating, we both tried to splash each other with the same puddle and he broke my toe. i will never let him live that down ;)

    music: i'm loving old school ray lamontagne these days!

  2. Puddle jumps are the best! I totally love:) Thanks for the smile,sweetie

    Ps: I am hosting a sweet GIVEAWAY today! Please, join in!

  3. aww love the pictures and the message :)

  4. It is so much fun! The pictures capture the feeling so well too!

  5. awww... SWEET!

    i got loads of jumping pics but never in the water... hemmm.... you just gave me an idea ;)

  6. I'm definitely a puddle jumper. Especially when I run, I love getting into the puddles (not on the street, bleugh) and kicking up water behind me!

  7. We don't get puddles too often here in Phoenix so when we do, it's still fun to play in them. I remember when I was little and the water would be running down the curbs we would put little sticks in and run down the street to see whose stick got to the end of the street first. Simple but so much fun.

  8. I love jumping in puddles! My roommates and I used to do it in university when we needed to get out of the house! There is something so freeing about it.

  9. such great images!!!

    its raining here in GA today - might have to do this very thing. ;)

  10. Thanks so much for featuring me on Wednesday Wiggles! I'm so excited that you think I'm Wiggle-worthy!

    I love jumping in puddles, and I think this post is perfect for today, since it's been rainy and gloomy here in Texas the past few days.

    My favorite music right now is the new Taylor Swift cd (big surprise there) and Sophie Madeleine (she plays the ukulele, which reminds me of summers in Hawaii, where my family lives).

  11. Here's a link to my fave Sophie Madeleine song right now, if you're interested:


  12. Ahahaha...love the wiggle! And I love to puddle jump. When NOT around the kiddo. LOL.

  13. aaah man this reminds me of when i was little...our old house would get TONS of mud puddles and one of my favorite things to do was run around while it was raining and jump in the puddles! i think i am long over due for a day like that!

    thanks for the reminder ;)


  14. Woo hoo!!! Thanks for the wiggle!!
    xoxo ~Blair

    {p.s. I knew you were awesome when I spotted your name}

  15. I've always wanted to jump in puddles too, but I have bad luck when it comes to rain...I wear the wrong pair of shoes. Hahahaha :)

    Thanks for wiggling me (that sounded a little silly)! ^__^ I definitely loved your playlist!

    xo, Michelle

  16. love love love being able to find new blogs each wednesday!! :D

  17. i love these photos...and thanks for the new blogs!

  18. I love puddle jumping!!!!!!!! It is totally worth getting wet and muddy... love your wiggles! It is great to look into new blogs! Maybe one day I will get a shout out :)


  19. I love puddle jumping - it makes me feel like a kid again!
    Adorable post!

  20. Ooo new wiggles!!! I love puddle jumping!! It makes a mess! =)

  21. YAY! thanks for the wiggle! i love it. the button is happily displayed on my blog.

    truly awesome :) thanks for making my night!

  22. these are such fun pics, excited to check out the blogs ;)


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