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need a gift?

Check out some of these lovelies...

Christmas is less than 2 months away! Can you believe it?  Before you head to the crowded malls check out the oh-so-lovely sponsors of Wild & Precious.

These are some super great shops that I stand 100% behind.  Take a few minutes to peruse their loveliness and I think you'll feel the same way.  And another exciting tidbit -- I'll have some great giveaways (and discounts) coming soon just in time for the holidays!

If you are interested in sponsoring Wild & Precious, shoot me an email and I'd be happy to chat and send you prices and stats.

What do y'all got going on this weekend?
{come back monday for a boot giveaway!!}


  1. Great idea.. I love the mall as much as the next girl but at Christmas... forget it! I have been doing more and more online shopping every year, (gotten to know the UPS man on a first name basis). I will browse these shops for a more unique gift! xo

  2. oooh, so many great things! time to start shopping. :) i am actually headed to malibu for the weekend. eeek i am so excited. hope you have a wonderful weekend, pretty lady!

  3. oooho so many goodies! i need to dive into some christmas shopping. this is inspiring!

    (thanks for the sponsor love. :))

    happy weekend, blair!

  4. I looove it all!!!!
    Thank you for the sponsor love!!!
    Have a beautiful day and a lovely weekend!!!

  5. what a GREAT group of sponsors!!! :D

  6. Can you do this for Manly Gifts of all ages? I'd love to see what you can find!

  7. Great sponsors! I have rehearsals all day Saturday. But tonight I am going out to watch the stars. I am excited!

  8. @Annie -- thats a cool idea.. will have to chew on it

    @dancing -- i have NEVER seen a shooting star. isn't that terrible! hope you see lots!!

  9. Ohh I will be needing some gifts soon!! I'll be back definitely because you have beautiful sponsors!!

  10. Thanks for the feature! Everything looks great!! :-)

  11. Blogging was like, the best thing to happen to me this year if only for these treasuries that will be popping up at christmas time...easyshopping!!

  12. Awesome links Blair! I am totally doing all of my Christmas shopping at the direction of my blogging friends this year, no more mall! XX!

  13. Wow Blair!! How do you do it?! Your sponsor list is incredible!! And I will for sure check some of these guys out for holiday gifts. Loved your email yesterday too. Brought a small tear to my eye; we are so similar :) XO Write you back soon lovely xo

  14. Ooooh off to chk out the sponsors:-) Love it!

  15. I would love to receive all of these! hehe. Perfect gift ideas!

  16. Lovely and charming links, Blair.
    I adore them all. Such nice gift ideas, too;-)

  17. Thanks for suggesting Bonnybee items among your suggestions!


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