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Wiggles {tights time}


{photos via: alyen comprendio, stephany alves, and thimble&violet respectively}

Who else is excited about tights?  Are you stocked up for the season?  I've only got some solids, but am excited to venture into some cable knit and patterns.  Tell me -- what are your favorites? How do you like to wear tights?  Do you wear them casual or funky?  Are there such things as "tights rules?"

While you ponder your answers to those questions... check out this week's wiggles:

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What say you on tights?


  1. I totally love tights!! I need more ideas about how to wear them though! I have a pair of cranberry cable knit ones that I LOOVE. :)

  2. I was just at Topshop today and they have some really, really cute patterned tights. Too bad it's so hot here I have no purpose for them. I think I'm going to buy them to save for return trips to the US though.


  3. I love tights, and this season I am totally into the cable knit kind :)

  4. I am all about tights during Autumn..I also get a few new pairs each season...Usually I go with black, brown and gray as those colours fit my outfits the best but sometimes I love wearing green or red tights:)
    Kisses, darling

    Ps: I am hosting a headband GIVEAWAY later today! Please, join in!

  5. oh my word i love tights. we are in south asia teaching english until december 6th....i cannot WAIT to put on some snuggly tights with boots & a sassy dress. perfection!

  6. I love tights, especially with skirts or dresses!

  7. loving all of the pretty details on those tights <3


  8. Still not cold enough to wear tights here in Phoenix but my daughter up in Seattle has started amassing quite the collection. Thank you for the wiggle, I love listening to your music selections.

  9. i looove tights, more than ever. most of mine are solid, but i do have one cable knit pair that are so pretty and warm. i think i need to invest in more quality ones rather than stocking up on target/meijer ones that snag ridiculously easy!

    p.s. don't think i'm ignoring you! expect an email soon :)

  10. Loving tights!! I am going to be daring this year and get a bright color! :) Target has some for $5!! <333

  11. Love tights!! I totally wish I had cold weather!

  12. i sooo love tights... i love those fancy dainty ones.

  13. I live in tights! My favs right now are my mustard colored, lacey brown ones, and my fall colored stripe ones. I'm on the hunt for some cute floral ones.

  14. aah blair!! thanks so much for the wiggle!
    i love stockings and its an insane obsession..i have hot pink, dark purple, floral, woollen, pale pink, white, navy...basically, a whole lot! i usually wear them with dresses or skirts and they always look funky.
    that photograph with the kitten is just adorable.

  15. Yay, I've been wiggled!! Thank you so much, Blair! I feel so honored :) Thank you!!
    I love tights. I've realized I wear more tights (and leggings) than jeans now. I do own pattern ones, but haven't had the chance to wear them yet cuz I'm short, and I worry the way it'll make my legs look. And I recently bought some funkier colored tights...we'll see how I can make them work :)
    The only "tight rules" I have is - don't wear them like pants! :) Have a top that is long enough to cover your bum!!

    Hehe, thanks again, Blair! You made my day! :)

  16. Ooo oo, thanks for the wiggle :)

    I adore tights and anything else, for that matter, that keeps me warm! It's already freezing in Vancouver! Not sure how I'm going to make it through the next few winter months ;)

    Mary xo
    Delightful Bitefuls

  17. I love tights! When I was a teenager I'd wear them not so much.

  18. I'm so short that my regular socks can stretch to my knees! I love it!

  19. ah yessss i'm so grateful for being wiggled <3 i love the concept too btw! i'm putting the badge on my blog right now!

    oh, and i noticed the wiggler playlist has songs by beach house! some amazing regulars at the restaurant i work at were headed to their concert one night so i listened to them right away and fell in love with their music.

    xo, brooke

  20. i adore tights! i have not stocked up for the seasons so i'm stuck with boring brown & black for now. time to get some cool tights!!

  21. YAY!! I have been wiggled! I'm so honored :)
    LOVE how tights can change an outfit so effortlessly and how they are often time the cheapest accessory! xo

  22. I love tights! I NEED to restock! My favorite cream colored ones have a BBQ stain on the knee :(

    I have another favorite pair they are a deep brown color and go really well with most of my dresses.

    I prefer to wear tights in a more cutesy fashion rather than too funky.

  23. I lovee the idea of cable knit with boots and a girly dress...they add a fun new idea of texture to any outfit!

  24. Yay! Thank you for the wiggle. Of course I love tights. Have to where we live right now! Only thing is my poor skin hasn't seen the sun in sooooooo long! I can't wait to have more options when we head to the States though. Those textured white ones in the last photo are beckoning me!

  25. i am soo super excited about wearing tights! i wear my black ones soo much there is a hole... so i'll need to buy some new ones!! i want colored ones!!

  26. I was JUST listening to Temper Trap! hehe crazy! :o)
    And yes!! I'm excited about tights I wear both casual and funky...but more casual than funky normally
    gonna go procrastinate by going through this wiggle list :o)

  27. i love the tights! i just need to get a cute pair, and possibly travel somewhere other than San Diego that isn't 70 degrees.

    these pictures are serious inspiration!


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