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Man Gifts

...For the hairless photographer who loves fonts...
Image hosting by
{merch via veer}

...For the cold natured music lover...
Image hosting by IMGBoot.comImage hosting by
{merch via urban outfitters}

...for the coffee drinking philanthropist...
a membership to mocha club -- give up 2 mochas a month & sustain a child in Africa
{there's also a pretty sweet "I need Africa more than Africa Needs me" tshirt}

What are your go to gifts for the men in your life? Has there been something you've given to a bf, brother, or co-worker that just blew out everyone out of the water?



  1. hahahahahha for the hairless man.. you are too funny girl!!! i heart u! i always get my husband clothes... i am sooo not creative w/ man gifts!

  2. Oh my gosh you have got to be kidding me!!?!?!? I have to get that shirt for my husband. And my teenage brothers. IT's amazing. Thanks so much for sharing! I owe you one!


    p.s. It's the last day to enter my Lil Petite Jewelry Giveaway!!!

  3. My Balazs would love that t-shirt...I have to get one for him:)

  4. these are such good ideas...i always have the HARDEST time ever shopping for Mark, it's ridiculous. I did get him a pretty cool swiss army knife though :)

  5. High tech pens, books, and iPods. Best gifts because they can spend hours playing with them.

  6. Beer-making kit - and not the cheezy everything included in a tub for $50 kind, the kind where you have to go to a homebrew store and have the salesperson pick out all of the equipment for you. BUT beware! It is obsessive. My husband is now a homebrewer, and they are a kind all of their own!

  7. so many fun ideas:D That shirt is awesome!! ha ha ha!

  8. hahahah - the first shirt is awesome. love it - laughed out loud! these are some sweet finds, esp since i find it so hard to find men gifts. thanks!

  9. hihi, that shirt is just hilarious :)

  10. thank you SO much!

    getting the camera and shirt for my boyfriends birthday next month!


  11. That t-shirt is hilarious! My go to gifts for my husband are usually watches, t-shirt or tickets.

    So glad you're enjoying your bracelets!

  12. Love it! Thanks for sharing :) Would you like to exchange links with my blog :) Let me know.
    I love your blog :)
    Boho Market Blog

  13. That shirt is AWESOME! Haha. I also love that sweater too. I bought my boyfriend a wine chiller from Brookstone(suuuuper cool store), but I don't think it blew anyone out of the water, per se. I'm getting to it though! :)

  14. the chest hair shirt is amazing!!!!! HAHAHA


  15. I love everything here! That chest hair T shirt and those awesome gloves! I am horrible at shopping for men... I definitely need more practice :)

  16. Ha! These gifts are great :) I usually just give my boyfriend something related to his bass and he's happy :) I gave him a kick-a** tweed hard case last year. It was pretty awesome, if I do say so myself.

  17. Oh my golly! I would love to get my boyfriend that shirt. He would get such a laugh out of it. And it's beautifully done too. Such a great collections of gifts, Blair!

  18. i wish i hadn't already shown david this shirt... i think he would have liked it more if i got it as a surprise..but not sure he would let me order it for him...


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