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Guest Post :: Olivia from Everyday Musings

When Blair asked me to write a guest post on photography pertaining to blogging, I was a little caught-off guard since I don't consider myself a photographer in any way, shape or form. The nostalgic part of me just happens to be obsessed with documenting every moment possible. Usually when I have my camera with me, I like to photograph small details more than the big picture (I'm also addicted to taking photos of food, as evidenced by my blog).

This past week, I truly appreciated the potential power photographs can hold. My boyfriend and two friends embarked on a 4,200 mile bike ride across the country for charity.* At all the events leading up to their sendoff, I frantically snapped hundreds of photos. In retrospect, it seems like it was my defense mechanism; clinging to my camera and snapping photos of everyone else helped me to not fixate on how much I was going to miss them. In the mean time, I wound up accidentally capturing some beautiful moments that I might have forgotten or overlooked (it was chaotic).

My philosophy with photography and blogging is to keep it simple. Not every bit of every day has to be shown through photography (or words). I would rather see a few interesting photos with open-to-interpretation meaning rather than a specific photo timeline of an entire day. My favorite photos tend to be genuine, pretty, and happy. But that's just me.

cupcakes + maps
tyler and his dad. favorite photo all week.
balloons + bikes
*to learn more about their bike ride visit

if y'all haven't stumbled upon Everyday Musings yet, you are missing out.
head on over and check this gal out! -- Olivia is one one of my faves, my blog crush even!
thanks Olivia. you rock!


  1. cool post :) loving the pictures <3


  2. you had me at that cupcake picture olivia!! :)

  3. I read her everyday (:

    Love the pictures!

  4. Hi, Blair! Your blog is so sweet :) I discovered it through Olivia Rae's blog who I was introduced to by Elise from Pennyweight. I love meeting all these wonderful Nashville bloggers (I moved here two months ago)!

  5. Very interesting post. Thank you for sharing your photos! :)

    ♥ Teresa ♥

  6. looove olivia's blog! and i definitely think of her as a photographer.. her photos are ALWAYS stunning!

  7. Wonderful advice and that cupcake picture is so pretty and simple- just like she said.

  8. Great post!! I love the idea of "open-to interpretation meaning rather than a specific timeline of an entire day". It's all about capturing the moments, love it!

  9. "Not every bit of every day has to be shown through photography (or words)." i love that!

  10. i love the photo of the gentleman listening intently to the geared up biker. this is so real. i feel like i am standing there too.

  11. I love the "keep it simple" rule. I love it when I am not overloaded with photos on a blog. Three to five suffice. They tell a good story. Too many drown you and you don't know where to start or what the focus was. Beautiful photos!


  12. Olivia is the BEST! Love this post and love her.

  13. What a cool post! thank you for sharing! I really love the photography that speak so many words!

  14. I really adore these photos! She has quite an eye!

  15. I will go check her out, and I couldn't agree more, brevity is key with blogging! Lovely post! XO!

  16. I'm quite a prolific writer, and I use lots of words. At the same time, I love photography simply because a picture is worth a thousand words and I can use that one picture to express what my thousand words can sometimes fall short of. I love snapping those little moments as well!

  17. I totally relate to this. Great post!


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