Miscellany Monday

{one} at staff retreat (and yes we did end up in matching tshirts) I had my eyebrows threaded by a coworker who used to do it in Egypt. I'm amazed. Super quick & painless. My eyebrows are looking hot now.

{two} Oscar (my dog) met his first really baby last night. Our friends Annie & David brought over little 4-month-old Liam & Oscar was jealous and a wee bit unhappy. I'm gonna have to break him of that. I kept telling him -- "Babies are our friends! We like babies!"

{three} a super fun thanks to Regan from A Fairytale of Photos for the I Heart Your Blog award and to Nicole from Scraps of Color for the Blog of Substance award. Y'all should definitely check out their beautiful blogs.

i heart coffee

{four} I am re-addicted to coffee. I had been sober for about 3 years. I have relapsed. I blame it on heavy whipping cream, honey, and cinnamon (and especially in a mug made by hubs).

{five} we bbq again this weekend. Mom was out of town with her sisters & cousin (hi leslie!) so dad popped over from west TN and brought his farmer's market finds with him. yum, yum, & fun! Quick Pickle recipe to come...

{six} don't forget to enter my Pretty Things by Meg giveaway! Ends this Thursday. Also, here is a sneak peak for upcoming giveaways:

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters


  1. I've been wondering about eyebrow threading ... glad to hear your report. Happy Monday to you!

  2. Me and your dad are from the same part of TN! Hooray!

    I'm going to have to look up eyebrow threading...I've never heard of it.

  3. How fun! And threading is definitely on my do to list. Painless hair removal? I'm in!

  4. I have never had my eyebrows threaded, but would definitely welcome a painless cleanup of my outofcontrol brows...

  5. I am so curious about the eyebrow threading! Wow!

  6. hmm eyebrow threading scares me a little bit. i see people getting it done in the mall, and they look very angry.

    that excites me you were wearing matching t-shirts. nothing says unity like wearing the same clothes.

    happy monday! <3

  7. oh! I am re-addicted to coffee as well... so hard to keep away from it in seattle ;)

  8. I wish I could have my eyebrows threaded... they feel so unruly these days.

  9. Does your husband sell these mugs? Love it!!!

  10. i get my eyebrows threaded all the time... i love it!!! i will never go back to tweezer ever again!

  11. never beat yourself up about the coffee. everything in moderation--including moderation (as the fab julia child would say). how could you EVER resist anything in that amazing mug?? :)

  12. ooh some nice giveaways coming on :) Nice!

  13. Threading is amazing! When we lived in Turkey that's how they did it--for super cheap!

    Now I'm really missing Turkey...

    And cute mug :)

  14. I used to get threaded. It IS incredible. I haven't found anyone to do it since I moved back to Tampa like 6 years ago!

  15. so you talk to your dog like he can understand you too? hehe, love it. our dog has had only one experience with babies and he was oh-so cautious and intrigued. it was pretty darn cute. i think i wanna try adding some honey and cinnamon to my coffee now, sounds yummy!


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