Vamos a Honduras

I'm packing up and shipping out!

David and I are flying out early tomorrow morning (4am early!) for Honduras. Neither of us have been and we are super excited. We are joining a great group of high school youth from church and headed to Tegucigalpa, the capitol city. We'll spend our time building one room houses, playing soccer, and visiting a boys' orphanage. I'm hoping my intermediate level of Spanish will come through for me and I'm greatly looking forward to connecting with some children and their families.

In honor of my trip and summer travel, I put together my first ever etsy treasury -- filled with vintage luggage loveliness.

{click photo to check it all out}

I have a growing love for vintage suitcases. I have a couple that I mostly use as decoration, but I sometimes bust out for my carry on bags. I have a friend who has started turning them into bedside tables -- so very cool!

I'll be gone for a week, but am leaving this little blog world in good hands! Rhiannon, Rachel, Jozen, Meg, Trishie, & Helena will be guest posting while I am away. If you don't know these gals already, I know you will love them & you should definitely give them all a follow.

See you soon!


  1. Cute etsy treasury!! You two enjoy your trip to Honduras!! Ill be praying for safe travels and for the people you will be with <333

  2. Have so much fun and please be safe!

    Great Etsy editorial. I love each one.

    I can't wait for your guest posts and to meet new bloggers.

  3. Blair ~ How exciting! Have a safe trip. Hope you have lots of photos to share with us!

  4. Have such a great time!! I love these vintage suitcases, would love to collect some!

    Art by Karena

  5. soak it all in. just started to follow you! looking forward to seeing more posts!

  6. que te vaya muy bien, means may everything go well for you in spanish. your trip sounds exciting. enjoy it and have lotsa fun. looking forward to hearing more about your trip and photos when you return.

    lovely etsy finds. i have a thing for luggage too and the many ways you can use them.

    i know a couple of the girls who will be guestblogging while you are gone and am looking forward to their post.


  7. Enjoy darling, have a gorgeous time!! Have a safe trip xoxo

  8. have a safe and amazing trip!

  9. have a wonderful trip! the Lord is going to use all of you in a mighty way!

  10. BLAIR! Have an amazing trippy poo. I am thinking of you both while you are there. I am so inspired by you and the work you are doing hile you are there :) Can't wait to hear all about it. Love your etsy collage too. Feeling hugely inspired for a new project! Wha hoo!! XO

  11. Have fun on your trip!! :) xoxo

  12. we have a group from church than just got back from there. they had a wonderful, successful trip - I hope yours is too. I leave in a week for Belize for a mission trip and I know how excited I am to be going back, have fun and drink lots and lots of water (bottled if necessary!)

  13. have a wonderful trip blair! stay safe and have fun.

    we will miss you!!

  14. nice job blair - that collection is gorgeous! i saw a street named blair yesterday & i thought of you and said a little prayer for your trip -- hope you are having an amazing time!

  15. Your trip sounds great! This is so wonderful for the people of Honduras!

    I'm in love with Etsy treasuries! I can't believe this is your first one! It's gorgeous, I love it!

  16. lots of prayer, well wishes and love coming your way!!!! have a blast!


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