Unpacking {and some wiggles}

I'm having a difficult time unpacking -- both literally and figuratively. There is much on my heart right now. I just can't seem to figure out how to unpack it all... all that I saw and felt, what do I do with it? What I do know, is that I have a growing awareness of God's people & what it means to be created in His image. I am so grateful for the experience I had last week. Since I can't mange the words, I hope my pictures will help tell the story. One of the most difficult parts of the trip for me was visiting the city dump. I'm waiting to get some pictures from my friend, but will share about this event soon.

I'm getting back into the swing of everyday life -- I've had cereal twice a day (I really missed it) and lots of veggies and fruits (both nearly forbidden to the travelers stomach in Honduras). I watched The Bachelorette. I've talked on my cell phone. All the while, I can't shake the image of little Emma, a sweet little girl who's family lives off $2 a day, out of my head. It makes my favorite cereal so bitterly sweet. I need to unpack.

...since the show most go on, it wouldn't be Wednesday without some wiggles. Turn on Basia Bulat (listen Here) and check out these lovelies:

Let me know who I should be listening to and blogs to visit! Thanks to Tazim of Being Tazim for introducing me to Basia!

I'm glad to be back - I missed you all!


  1. welcome back! take your time, adjust slowly back to normal life! I'm sure your time in Hondouras was amazing, sometimes I wish I could do that! Although, i'm hearing a lot from my sister in Guatamala.

    happy wednesday!


  2. Unpacking is the hardest thing to do. Letting go of a life changing experience is never fun or easy. All the while trying to hold on to those lessons- it sounds like you are. Keep looking at those photos- it's the best way to remember.

  3. Growing up, my parents spent a lot of time doing mission work in Mexico. I'm very thankful that they always took me and my sister with them. It helped us learn to be very grateful for what we have and always try to help those in need.

  4. ugh i totally know that experience. it is so hard to come back and jump into the world when you've experienced something so different, real life, or a hard life. I always feel like my whole heart and head is filled with Jesus and there isn't any room left for this world when I get back.

    my baby sister is going to africa in 40 days for 3 weeks. may be fun for you to check out her blog, you may be able to relate as she prepares, goes and returns home!


  5. This picture is just great. Good luck with everything. And thanks for the blog recommendations.


  6. Wow! Can not wait to hear more about your travels!

  7. It's a wonderful and difficult thing to have the perspective you have now after your trip. I guess you have to figure out how to remember it all without letting it get you down. Good luck.

    I adore Basia Bulat! Just discovered her myself a few months ago. Off to visit new blogs now...

  8. welcome back! there's no place like home when you've been gone for a while. i look forward to reading more about your trip.

  9. what a lovely heart you have.

    some of those "figurative" things aren't meant to be unpacked. so no worries. some are meant to stay tucked inside forever!!

    the pictures are awesome!

    and ps: LOVE Basia Bulat

  10. So sweet of you to share my blog, which sounds so superficial in comparison to your altruistic travels.

    You are a lovely girl. Thanks for bringing awareness to the condition of our fellow human beings.

  11. Welcome back :)

    Life sure does have it's humbling moments, doesn't it.... I think it takes a really special person to really appreciate life and not take what we have for granted.

    I think, although some images/experiences you may not be able to decipher, your personal growth is amazing.

    Remember, you must be most patient with yourself :)

  12. oh my gosh, i even read this and did not register that that was mine, haha...thanks, lady!

  13. Thank you kindly for listing us. We truly appreciate it. Welcome back! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  14. it is a deep process isn't it? I have the tendency myself to storage impressions an thought for a long time! and then times helps me out... to breath! :)

  15. So glad yall made it back safely! I love the pictures and can't wait to hear all about it!!

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