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hello all you lovely readers of blair's delightful blog :)
i'm meg. i'm taking a little break from my own blog, {meg's musings},
to fill in for blair while she is on her adventure.

i know they all say this, but i truly am honored to be doing a guest post for
blair. i'm sure you all agree that she is one special lady.
i am frequently inspired and encouraged by her thoughtful posts. i'm so very
lucky to have run into her here in the blogosphere!

in honor of her trip to Honduras,
i thought i'd do a little feature on travel, one of my favorite pastimes.

i have many fond memories of vacationing with my family

ever since i was a wee little one.

my mom is very passionate about traveling,
a passion most likely passed down from my grandparents,
who have visited EVERY state!!
(they bought a RV when they retired and just traveled the country.
sounds like bliss to me!)

my mom would plan a trip for the five of us nearly every year.

now, my parents are not exactly moneybags. so they chose to trade in certain
material things to make these trips possible.

the example my mom often cited was our bedroom furniture.

it is as old as dirt, passed down from who knows who
(you should see the dated floral print on our box spring.)
and though i wasn't all too fond of it when i was younger
i would never in a million years have traded in the memories we created
together for a lousy piece of furniture.
or any other material possession for that matter.

my hubby joel and i have been fortunate enough to travel to several cities and
countries in the relatively short amount of time we've been together.
we've spent new year's eve in chicago and new york city,
honeymooned in mexico,
celebrated our anniversary in niagara-on-the-lake and toronto,
and while i studied abroad in london back in college,
joel came to visit and we were lucky enough to
explore nice & venice together.
we have created timeless memories in the process that i wouldn't trade for
anything, even being free of credit card debt.

we hope to create the same kind of beautiful, irreplaceable memories
with our own kids one day, opening their eyes to different
parts of the country and of the world.
and i'm betting they will agree that not having the latest in bedroom decor or
the hottest designer clothes will be totally worth it in the end.

{images from we heart it}


  1. isn't travel so so lovely!!!!

    there are so many experiences to be had. i agree---seeing the world will stay with you much longer than any material possesion. something to instill in kids, for sure!

    great guest post, meg.

  2. Beautiful post! I love how your mom gave you the travel bug and now you're giving it to me. I'd love to visit Europe again one day. Traveling is always such a life changing experience no matter where you go.

  3. i'm absolutely dying to go to Venice, one day i will be there! crossing my fingures that that one day will be this year :)


  4. I love to travel. I'm planning the spend next summer; all 3 months of it in Europe with my former college roommate. It's kind of the kick off into our "real" adult lives. I can't wait.
    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  5. "they chose to trade in certain
    material things to make these trips possible" I think that is wonderful! Materials fade away, but memories last a lifetime :) beautiful images, great post.

  6. Absolutely love traveling, there is so much you can experience and learn

  7. Family vacations as a child are, as well, some of my favorite memories. My parents sacrificed every year so we could get that one week of being together, and not worry about spending 3 dollars on a hot dog. You are so lucky to have traveled all over as an adult, the memories we make are so sweet.

  8. Oh I definitely agree. I'd much rather travel and make memories to last a lifetime than buy something material that might last a few years.

    Beautiful post and beautiful pictures!

  9. yes -- travel IS so fun. i'm visiting from Meg's blog <3

  10. Such a beautiful post! I am about to embark on my biggest adventure tomorrow, and this post only excited me all the more!

  11. such pretty pictures!!


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