Miscellany Monday

I had such a delightfully random weekend & so thought this would be the perfect time to jump in to Miscellany Monday for the first time. Thanks Carissa for rounding everyone up each week. It's so much fun!
Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

one. I went to the Miss Tennessee Pageant on Friday night. It was ... ridiculous -- for several reasons! 1. I was in the front row (literally touching the stage -- close enough to see pantie lines...and lack there of) 2. I had a VIP pass and got snacks and drinks back stage 3. I tried to order myself an adult beverage and even though I am 26, the server went on about how he did not believe me and thought I was trying to get him arrested 4. they make the auditorium freezing cold so that the girls' makeup doesn't melt off. I thought my mom was joking when she told me to bring a blanket (I wish I had listened).


two. does anyone know anything or have any opinions about homeopathic medicine? I am trying to avoid being on an antibiotic, and so visited Whole Body and am now putting 5 pellets under my tounge 3 times a day... kind of weird me out, but I think I am noticing a difference. But, I need to learn more about such things & could use your help/advice.

three. while driving around Memphis, hubs & I spotted this awesome street name...

We love this song by Doc. Watson. It is one of my nicknames David calls me & randomly enough, it is also what is engraved on the back of my ipod.

four. david & I played in our friends' pool like we were 10-year-olds yesterday & had so much fun. seriously - we had masks on, were doing flips, playing with pool toys, swimming like mermaids. It was a blast -- I never want to grow up.

pool time

five. last but not least (and a day late) happy father's day. love you daddy!



  1. Sounds like an interesting weekend!! Lovely photos.

  2. That pool is gorgeous! I've been having a lot of fun splashing around this year too. Good thing to know about the pageants in case I ever go to one! *bring blanket*

  3. Hi, I'm over from Carissa's blog. I would swim like a kid in a pool if I had one to swim in!! And weird about the Miss Tennessee Pageant. I had no idea they did that!

  4. wow, that is a beautiful pool and backyard! i still haven't been swimming this year - sad! that's cool that you're exploring homeopatyhy.. don't have any advice for you but i would love to learn more about it myself.

    happy first day of summer!

  5. What a wonderful weekend! That pool looks like a little piece of paradise :) great photo!

  6. Hi - love the randomness of this post! I know abit about homeopathy - have started seeing a homeopath lately. Have to say for some things it really really works although I absolutely grant you that tasteless pills are bizarre and you wonder how on earth it's going to work?
    Spookily though for me - it did. I guess it depends what the ailment is...
    Lou x

  7. could you imagine living on shady grove???
    cute post!

  8. I love that photo of you at the pageant!! :)

  9. i'm generally up for trying a natural remedy versus prescription, but i'm no expert.

    very sadly, we will miss you guys this weekend! months ago, we booked a trip to visit a dear friend. i couldn't believe james & laura's date was the same weekend! we're flying back on sunday afternoon so we'll miss everything. our hearts will be there with you guys! lots of love.

  10. Great fathers day pictures! Hilarious.


  11. sounds delightful! i never want to grow up either :)

  12. totally delightful bunch of adventures here!! LOVE that pool!

    as for homeopathy---i am totally on board with you. i avoid as many medications as possible. even for headaches and colds. i use ginger, herbs, green smoothies and yoga. so far so good. treatment doesn't work as quickly, but i feel better about it!

    i have a book called "the handbook of vintage remedies" by jessie hawkins---it's informative and gives you treatment for everyday ailments--using natural resources! check it out!

  13. I don't want to grow up either. You know, I'm turning 30 this year and I don't feel a day over 23. Okay, maybe 24. But that's it really. And your trip to the Miss Tennessee pageant is just fascinating!

  14. Sounds like a fun weekend! I'd love to be by the pool today acting like a kid :)

  15. Playing in the pool like kids is the best! Sounds so great.

  16. i looove homeopathy! my mother-in-law does alternative medicine and it's totally a way of life for me now. i've never gotten anything from whole body, though, so hopefully you have a good experience with that!! and i never want to grow up either :)


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